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    IISS Cyber Report: 20 to 26 July

    27 July 2017.  Trump squeezed on signing sanctions on Russia; UK and Australia distrustful of Huawei; Putin tightens grip on VPN; Beijing spies on Uighurs in China.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 13 to 19 July

    20 July 2017.  US intelligence accuses UAE of Qatari website hack; IBM makes breakthrough in encryption technology; India sets up three new cyber defence agencies.

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    Boko Haram’s cross-border attacks: tactical manoeuvring to mitigate weakness

    19 July 2017.  The Nigerian insurgent group Boko Haram has stepped up its cross-border operations, a survival tactic which may – as it has for other transnational groups – work to prevent organisational weaknesses and territorial losses from bringing about the group's downfall.

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    US policy challenges in the Asia-Pacific

    31 July 2017.  Tensions with China may increase as the year wears on – while North Korea's missile tests present an urgent challenge.  

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    On Iran, US and Europe may go their separate ways

    18 July 2017.  Washington is becoming increasingly confrontational when it comes to Iran and the future of the nuclear deal, while European policymakers have been at pains to emphasise its importance. As Paulina Izewicz explains, Europe appears increasingly ready to chart its own course.

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    Why India and China need to turn down heat on simmering border dispute

    13 July 2017.  While neither India nor China wants current tensions in their unresolved border dispute to escalate, the crisis risks destabilising their fragile relationship if they cannot find a face-saving solution. It can no longer be seen in isolation from wider inter-regional developments in the Indo-Pacific.

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    Three strikes against claims that Iran is violating the nuclear accord

    27 July 2017.  Criticism of Iran’s conduct in relation to the 2015 nuclear deal does not withstand scrutiny. US withdrawal from the agreement would not convince other parties to re-impose sanctions, but could trigger a global crisis. 

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    IISS Cyber Report: 6 to 12 July

    13 July 2017.  Apple sets up first data centre in China; Donald Trump discusses cyber security with President Putin at G20; NATO to equip Ukraine with new cyber capability.

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    An end to more than 50 years of civil war(s) in Colombia

    10 July 2017.  Following the successful disarmament of the FARC, the UN Security Council unanimously voted, on 10th July, to establish a second mission in Colombia to monitor the political, economic and social reintegration of former combatants. In a country where the majority of the population has never experienced peace, there are concerns that FARC fighters may go on to join the forces of criminal gangs.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 29 June to 5 July

    06 July 2017.  NATO could trigger Article 5 in case of cyber attacks; outdated Windows make HMS Queen Elizabeth vulnerable to hacks; oppositions to the Mexican government targeted by spyware in mobile phones.


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