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    IISS Cyber Report: 14 to 20 December

    21 December 2017.  US to enhance cyber capabilities; North Korea disrupts cryptocurrency exchange; Russian vessels endanger world internet, UK defence chief warns.

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    Gulf security after 2020

    19 December 2017.  When UN Security Council Resolution 2231 – associated with the Iran nuclear deal – came into effect in late 2015, it included a clause preventing states from transferring conventional arms to Iran for five years. But what weapons would Iran buy, and how would they shape its military capabilities? A high-level group of experts examines the future of Gulf security after the moratorium on arms purchases expires.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 7 to 13 December

    14 December 2017.  New US National Security Strategy targets cyber threats; Iranian hackers attack Middle East governments; Houthi rebels bring down internet in Yemen.

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    Manama Dialogue 2017: day two video highlights

    10 December 2017.  The second day of the 2017 IISS Manama Dialogue saw ministers speak on extremism, regional security partnerships and more.

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    High-level corruption fuels Honduras election crisis

    14 December 2017.  The public despair driving recent protests stems, in part, from the enormous power of organised crime groups.

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    Jerusalem announcement: US may cede more ground to Russia in the Middle East

    15 December 2017.  Moscow poised to gain from Washington's diplomatic missteps

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    Flynn revelations and the Middle East nuclear industry

    10 December 2017.  Nuclear reactor technology has re-emerged as a battle ground for cultivating influence, and the Middle East has become an important arena in this regard. As Matthew Cottee explains, former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn acted as an adviser to a firm that sought to prevent ‘Russia or China from using nuclear power to dominate the region'.

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    Manama Dialogue Live: Day Two

    09 December 2017.  A packed day features sessions on extremism, regional security partnerships and more. Join us for video coverage and expert analysis.

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    Manama Dialogue 2017: day one video highlights

    09 December 2017.  The first day of the 2017 IISS Manama Dialogue included the Sky News Arabia debate and an opening address by Sir John Jenkins.

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    Middle East faces cyber security threat

    09 December 2017.  Heightened risk for governments, businesses and individuals.


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