The IISS Shangri-La Dialogue: 17th Asia Security Summit

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 June 2018

Media Policy

Welcome to the 17th Asia Security Summit: The IISS Shangri-La Dialogue. The summit continues to serve as the best-available vehicle in the Asia-Pacific for developing and channelling astute and effective public policy on defence and security. We are grateful to the media for helping to disseminate the proceedings of the Dialogue and inform the wider international community.

Please find below our guidelines for coverage of the Dialogue and other important instructions.


All Press Corps members MUST pre-register online by 1 May 2018 as all attendees must be screened by the Singapore Police Force prior to arrival. There is no onsite pre-registration for members of the media at the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue.

Online registration of interest and pre-registration is now openlogin via the Dialogue homepage to register your interest in attending the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2018 as a Press Corps member. Please note that online pre-registration is a two-step process that starts with registration of interest. 

If your attendance is confirmed at the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue, you may collect your Press Corps ID tag from 10:00 on Friday 1 June 2018 on the Mezzanine level of the Shangri-La Hotel. To pick up your badge, you must first present your press credentials along with photo identification (passport or ID card).

All Media must attend a short compulsory briefing in the Peony Room at 19:15 on Friday 1 June.

Media Room, On-site Media Opportunities and How to Request an Interview

Media Room 
The IISS Media Room is located in Hibiscus II and III on the Mezzanine floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. The IISS Press Conference Room is located next door in the Peony Room. Both are outside the secure area.

The Media Room will be open at the following times:

  • Friday 1 June: 10:00–22:00
  • Saturday 2 June: 08:00–20:00
  • Sunday 3 June: 08:00–15:00

Interview rooms can be booked on request, subject to availability. To book a slot for an interview room, please email [email protected] or speak to a member of staff in the Media Room.

A real-time video link situated in the Media Room will broadcast the Keynote Address on the evening of Friday 1 June, and the Plenary Sessions on the mornings of Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June.

Details of attending Delegates, press conferences, photo opportunities and other media events will be posted on the media pages of the IISS website and the Dialogue App. You will also receive email updates to the address you supply at registration.

Transcripts of speeches will be sent to the IISS website and App as soon as they are released by the government delegations. We cannot guarantee any window of time or even the release of the speech. If 'as delivered' is going to be a time-sensitive matter for you or you require one of our translated languages, we encourage the use of tape recorders that can be plugged into the media equipment in the Media Room or the multi-box in the Ballroom.

There are broadband connections for laptop computers in the Media Room as well as wireless internet. There are no desktop computers, so journalists should provide their own laptops. Please note that sockets in the Media Room for charging phones and computers are limited.

Requesting an Interview
IISS experts are on-hand throughout the Dialogue for media who are interested in background briefings and/or interviews on proceedings. To request an interview with IISS staff, please contact the expert directly. 

IISS press officers will endeavour to make available the details of the public affairs or press officer travelling with the delegations to facilitate the arrangement of interviews. Media are otherwise encouraged to request interviews directly with delegates. Journalists who obtain interviews with summit participants are free to report statements provided they have the full understanding and agreement of the interviewee.

Press Access
Please display your IISS badge at all times, especially when entering the secured area. Additionally, all participants may be subject to security checks.

Accredited media will have access to all on-the-record summit events within the secured area, except those special sessions that will be broadcast live in the Media Room. Please note that space in these rooms for the Media is limited and we cannot guarantee access if the room is already full.

Media may not enter, photograph or film during the delegate reception on Friday night, or during the delegate lunches on Saturday or Sunday.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available throughout the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and on Friday evening in the Media Room.

Parking is available outside the Garden Wing of the Shangri-La Hotel. A parking pass is not needed to access this space.

Daily Media Programme


Media badge collection: 10.00–17.30 Mezzanine Level

Mandatory Briefing for All Media: 18.15, Peony Room

A short mandatory briefing for all members of the media, including photographers but excluding cameramen. Should you not attend the mandatory press briefing, you will be unable to enter the Ballroom for the Keynote Address.

Keynote Address: 20.00, Island Ballroom

The keynote Opening Dinner address will take place at 20:00, concluding at approximately 21:00, after the Q&A session.

Please note that all members of the media will be escorted from the Peony Room to the Island Ballroom for the Keynote Address. TV crews that are not already in the Island Ballroom will be escorted from the Peony Room at 19:30, photographers will be escorted at 19:35 and journalists at 19:40.

Seating is provided for print journalists at the back of the Ballroom.

Please note that all journalists and TV crews must stay for the duration of the Keynote Address, but there will be an opportunity to leave before the Q&A.


Instructions for TV Crews
Space for TV cameras is available at the back of the Ballroom on a dedicated platform and floor area. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. In addition, your agency may take the IISS live feed from the Media Room or the Ballroom.

All TV crews are limited to two technical staff per news organisation on the TV platform at a time in the main Ballroom. Shoulder cameras and ladders are not allowed in the main Ballroom and all cameras must be on a tripod. Additionally, ladders are not allowed in any areas at the Shangri-La Hotel. In the main Ballroom, there will be a multi-splitter box for both main audio and video feed. Agencies will need to prepare the cable with the corresponding connector to plug into the distribution box. Audio recording will be available in English and the language of the floor from the TV platform in the Ballroom. On Friday 1 June, TV crews should set up in the Ballroom no later than 19:30. On 2 June and 3 June, technical staff filming from the designated TV area should set up in the Ballroom no later than 08:20.

While shoulder cameras are not allowed in the main Ballroom, they can be used for interviews within the secured area. Please be considerate of delegates, security and hotel staff when choosing an area for interview.

For safety reasons no tripods will be allowed outside of the designated camera area at the back of the Ballroom. As space is extremely tight, cameras are not permitted to film from the sides or move around during proceedings. TV crews wishing to broadcast live should contact the IISS beforehand to make necessary arrangements.

Instructions for Photographers 
During the summit proceedings photographers must keep to designated areas. We will endeavour to provide brief photo opportunities for the Opening Address and at the beginning of each plenary. We would be grateful if photographers would return to the allocated area when requested to do so by a member of the IISS staff.

Photographers are asked to stay within the designated areas until the start of the Keynote Address. Once the speech has begun, photographers are permitted 60 seconds of flash photography and 60 seconds of non-flash photography from the front of the room. For Plenary Sessions with multiple speakers, photographers are allowed to take flash photography for 60 seconds at the beginning of each speech followed by 60 seconds non-flash. Following the photo opportunity, photographers will be escorted out of the front area. Photographers are permitted to take non-flash photography from the designated areas.

The rules of the Summit state that photographers may not lift cameras over their heads at any point during the Keynote Address or the Plenary Sessions. Ladders are not to be used in the Island Ballroom and their use is prohibited at the Shangri-La Hotel. Photographers are permitted to shoot in the lobby and foyer areas, but we ask that they are respectful of Summit security personnel.

Rights and Intellectual Property
Coverage of the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue by the media is carried out on the understanding that the IISS reserves the right to reproduce articles and images published as a result of attendance at the Dialogue, in its publications and on its website.

Photographers and broadcast media are permitted to use IISS images, which will be placed on the IISS Flickr photo stream at various times during the Dialogue, and broadcast media are permitted to take and use our live feed.

Ways to follow the 2018 IISS Shangri-La Dialogue

Get a flavour of the debate that will take place at the summit by downloading the outline agenda. Please note that it is subject to change and updates on press conferences, photo calls and other media opportunities will be emailed to you throughout the Dialogue.

Check the SLD Media Page on the IISS website for the latest news, information and press releases from the Dialogue. To access the page, please log in using the username and password provided to you during your initial online registration.

Other ways to follow the Dialogue:

Shangri-La Voices, a blog dedicated to the summit, will bring this important security discussion to an online audience and will be regularly updated with news of the Dialogue and views from the conference floor.

IISS experts and staff, conference delegates and journalists alike will be tweeting on the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue, providing real-time commentary on the latest developments and speeches. Visit the IISS on Twitter and look for tweets referencing #SLD18.

Search for and Like ‘The International Institute for Strategic Studies’ on Facebook.  Find exclusive video insights and interviews on the IISS YouTube channel.

For further information, please contact the Press and Communications Office, [email protected], +44 207 7379 7676

Media Accreditation

To request media accreditation, please sign up via the summit homepage.

For more information about the Dialogue, please contact us.

The summit will take place in a secured zone at the Shangri-La Hotel and entry will only be granted to those with an official IISS security ID tag.


IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2018

The 17th Asia Security Summit will be held in Singapore on 1–3 June 2018.