Shangri-La Dialogue 2010 Second Plenary Session

  • New Dimensions of Security: Shivshankar Menon

    Dr John Chipman, Director General and Chief Executive, IISS The second plenary of the 9th Shangri-La Dialogue is on the theme ‘New Dimensions in Security’, and we meant the word dimensions to be fully interpreted by all of our speakers, to include types of security challenges, but places in which security challenges take place: maritime space, and the like.  We have three excellent speakers who can represent different points of view...
  • New Dimensions of Security: Toshimi Kitazawa

    Dr John Chipman, Director General and Chief Executive, IISS Our next speaker is Toshimi Kitazawa.  He has been the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign and Defense at the House of Councillors.  He was the Vice President of the Democratic Party of Japan, and since September 2008 he has been Minister of Defense of Japan.  As many of you will have seen, there is a new Prime Minister in Japan, and...
  • New Dimensions of Security: General Ma Xiaotian

    Dr John Chipman, Director General and Chief Executive, IISS Finally we invite General Ma Xiaotian, who is the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the PLA.  We have received him before at the Shangri-La Dialogue, first as Lieutenant General, and we are delighted that in July 2009 he was promoted to full general, to invite him, General Ma, to address the audience. General Ma Xiaotian, Deputy Chief of General Staff...
  • New Dimensions of Security: Q&A

    Adam Ward, Director of Studies, IISS This is a question for General Ma.  In the previous session, we heard from Secretary Gates, that his feeling was very much, in essence, that the suspension of military-to-military contacts between China and the US were nonsensical.  What conditions would China stipulate for a resumption of military-to-military ties, in the spirit of the agreement alluded to by Secretary Gates that he reached with President Hu? Secondly...
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Photo by Leonid Iaitskyi

IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2017

The 16th Asia Security Summit took place in Singapore from 2–4 June 2017.