Shangri-La Dialogue 2010 Keynote Address and Opening Remarks

  • Opening Remarks: Dr John Chipman

    Welcome to the 9th IISS Asia Security Summit the Shangri-La Dialogue. This year we are delighted to have brought together the defence and national security establishments of 28 states, as well as major opinion formers and strategists for this essential summit. We thank the Government of Singapore and all of our commercial and other sponsors for their vital support to this trans-regional, flexible, dynamic, substantive and transparent exercise in defence diplomacy...
  • Keynote Address: Lee Myung-Bak

    Vision for a Global Asia and the Role of the Republic of Korea Your Excellency Prime Minister Lee Tsien long, Excellencies, distinguished government representatives, Mr. Chairman of IISS, distinguished guests, Ladies and gentleman, I would also like to thank His Excellency Senior Minister Goh and Minister Mentor Lee, two individuals whom I respect deeply. First of all, thank you for inviting me to speak today. The Shangri-la Dialogue is recognized as one of the most...
  • Keynote Address: Q&A

    John Chipman Mr President I think you have just heard how very much your remarks and direct assessment of the security  concerns are – not just of your own country, but of the whole region.  You have very kindly agreed to take a few questions. Professor François Heisbourg, Chairman, IISS Thank you very much Mr President for a comprehensive and extraordinarily thoughtful speech.  Like many others, I have been following, with great respect...
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IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2018

The 17th Asia Security Summit will be held in Singapore on 1–3 June 2018.