About the NATO Transformation Seminar


NATO faces a set of security challenges that are unprecedented in their complexity and potentially increasing gravity. This seminar brought together NATO’s leadership, as well as European and North American thought leaders, academics and industry representatives, to discuss contemporary and future strategic challenges.

See the results in the NATO Transformation Seminar White Paper

The event took place in Budapest, Hungary, on 21–23 March 2017, and was hosted by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation in cooperation with the IISS. Its aim was to facilitate a robust discussion about possible actions to guarantee the future safety and security of Allies, while working with a broad range of partners to mitigate risk throughout the international system.

The seminar began on 21 March with a Young Professionals Day, which sought to involve potential future leaders in the process and debates that would help inform Alliance policymaking. Security and defence professionals aged 25–35, and representing NATO member and partner nations, had an opportunity to influence policy, build networks, engage with senior decision-makers and thought leaders, and enhance their knowledge of NATO’s mission and the challenges it faces.

Further resources:

To understand the issues that shaped the debate in Budapest, download the IISS Food for Thought Paper, written especially for the seminar and intended to inspire fresh policy approaches: A federated way ahead for NATO in an age of complexity

Download NATO ACT’s ‘Read ahead’ paper about the seminar

For further information about the seminar, visit the NATO Allied Command Transformation website.