The 11th IISS Global Strategic Review (GSR) will be convened in Oslo on 19-21 September 2014 under the rubric 'Geopolitical Risks and Geo-economic Opportunities'.  

For a second year, GSR is being held in partnership with the joint 'Host Nation Supporters' of Sweden and Norway. Both countries are providing governmental support to the conference, and relevant ministers will be active and engaged participants.

The Global Strategic Review (GSR) has become the leading annual conference on global geopolitical and geo-economic affairs, devoted to measuring and anticipating strategic change at the global level and addressing topical policy matters. A range of carefully chosen senior policy makers and officials join around 300 key private experts, academics and representatives from business to sharpen strategic thought.

The 2014 GSR will meet at a time of considerable dislocation and flux in the international system. The crisis in Ukraine has thrown Russia and the West into confrontation. It is unclear whether that crisis can be contained or whether further dominoes will fall. In Asia, territorial disputes, antagonisms between the region’s great powers and accelerating military build-ups have raised the risk of conflict in a strategic setting that increasingly resembles a manner of cold war.  The regional order of the Middle East is being comprehensively reshuffled by developments in Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iran and the Gulf. At least one set questions raised by these and other developments concerns the purposes and extent of the strategic capacities and military dispositions of the West.

Change of a secular character is also underway in the unfreezing Arctic. This policy issue has acquired global significance, and the question of whether strategic activity towards it will primarily focus on cooperative or competitive exploitation of its geo-economic opportunities is an open one. Discussions in Oslo will begin with perspectives from local and extra-regional powers.

Other subjects addressed by the GSR in 2014 will include: the arc of political conflict emerging in Southeast Asia; the growth of complicated hybrid conflicts in the developing world; international Efforts to secure the cyberdomain; the geo-economic nexus between Latin America and Asia; the strategic aftermath of the Eurozone crisis; an assessment of global energy trends; and many more.  

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