'The past year has been one of uncertain transitions and hectic crisis-management diplomacy' said IISS CEO Dr John Chipman, launching Strategic Survey 2012: The Annual Review of World Affairs.

The year to mid-2012 was dominated by transitions. Changes were under way most obviously in the Arab world after the revolutionary wave of 2011, and in the surrounding region where traditional relationships and balances had been upset. Across the world, conflicting interests were jockeying to secure their objectives in a shifting landscape. This was true in Europe, which struggled to find a path through economic and financial problems, in Russia after the re-election of Vladimir Putin, and in China where a leadership transfer was also under way. The United States remained in transition between an interventionist era and a new role, yet to take full shape.

He also argued that 'for most governments... foreign policy has become a mixture of political risk management and trade promotion' and increasingly 'we are witnessing the privatisation of foreign policy.'  

After the launch Alexander Nicoll, the editor of Strategic Survey and a panel of IISS experts answered questions on Syrian, the eurozone crisis and efforts to stop Iran's nuclear programme.

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Press Launch
Arundel House, London
Thursday 13 September, 2012

Press Statement

Strategic Survey 2012

A press statement for the launch of Strategic Survey 2012: The Annual Review of World Affairs is available here.