For the first time in many years there is a glimmer of hope in Somalia. Despite continuing terrorist activity, there are signs of political progress and a move to broaden the base of government in the country. In December last year, the Somali National Consultative Constitutional Conference agreed on a set of principles for the adoption of a provisional constitution and the reform of parliament.

On the eve of the London conference on Somalia – where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office brought together governments and multilateral organisations with the aim of delivering a new international approach to the country – Dr Ali considered the question of how the Somali transitional authorities can build on these successes, to create a Somali solution to Somalia’s problems. 

Dr Ali is an economist by training, originally from Puntland in northeastern Somalia. After graduating from the Somali National University he continued his education at Vanderbilt, George Mason and Harvard universities, and worked in the US for many years before being appointed Prime Minister in June 2011.

This lecture was moderated by Dr John Chipman, IISS Director-General and CEO.

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Key Address
Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Prime Minister of Somalia
Arundel House, London
Wednesday 22 February 2012