Middle East: Regional Security and Business Opportunity 28–29 November 2015

The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 brought together economic policymakers, business leaders, bankers and financial analysts, diplomats and experts in the field of geo-economics from around the world, particularly from the Middle East and major G20 member countries.

The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum focused on the prospects for economic development in the Middle East against the backdrop of regional instability and conflict. Structural shifts in the energy market have cast a long shadow on the prospects for economic growth and development in the region. Yet despite the Middle East long being characterised by conflict, the region is also home to new business opportunities and diversifying economies. The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum assessed business and trade opportunities as well as political risks in the Middle East in light of global economic and geopolitical developments.

The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum also discussed the prospects for global and regional economic growth and the new opportunities for investment and employment-creation in the Middle East. Discussions touched upon the outlook for oil, trends in energy markets and challenges facing resources-dependent economies. Special sessions, of particular interest to a business audience, discussed:

  • trends in oil and gas markets
  • the impact of economic sanctions on business prospects
  • the challenge to business and finance from organised and cybercrime
  • demographic trends, labour and national cohesion
  • economic institutions and economic governance

The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum convened at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November 2015. Speakers included senior ministers and chief executives from Asia and major G-20 countries, heads of international institutions and subject experts. Delegates to the conference included policymakers, business leaders, analysts and regional specialists from both developed and emerging economies.

IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 - English

IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 - Arabic

Geo-economics and Strategy

With many Western economies in crisis and developing nations ascendant, is a new world order emerging? This programme studies how financial shifts affect the global distribution of power.