The IISS provides, from an international perspective, the best possible objective information on military, geo-political and geo-economic developments that could lead to conflict. The Institute produces carefully researched facts, generates rigorous analysis, and convenes international conferences and summits, small and large, with the aim of influencing all relevant strategic actors to engage in conflict resolution and to adopt sound public policies in the interests of peace and security.

The IISS has three principal and co-equal audiences: governments, the private sector, and the expert and opinion-forming communities in the press and academia.

The IISS is international in its perspective, composition and reach.

The IISS helps governments to define and assess strategic challenges, and to engage in defence diplomacy.

The IISS helps companies in the private sector to conduct geo-political due diligence and responsibly engage internationally.

The IISS helps to shape the strategic debate through its publications and conferences by engaging the best strategic thinking around the world in its research and conferences programme.

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