IISS Consulting is the commercial advisory and consultancy arm of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

IISS Consulting provides strategic advice and political risk analysis to a wide range of government and commercial clients. To meet client needs IISS Consulting draws on expertise within the IISS permanent and senior research staff and the wider network of IISS experts within its global membership.

Businesses in the financial services, energy, defence, shipping, telecommunications and other industries have sought analysis and advice from IISS Consulting as they take decisions in a complex international environment.

A major international shipping company was reassessing its political risk insurance in Asia. IISS Consulting provided specific assessments of the terrorist risk in specific ports and countries, helping the company to decide the nature of the risk against which it had to insure.
A leading defence company was interested in understanding the way procurement decisions were made in a particular market. IISS Consulting provided a comprehensive assessment of the regional security environment, the defence requirements as perceived by the potential clients and the variety of considerations that would affect a procurement decision.
A large non-NATO state sought advice from IISS Consulting on how it was viewed by NATO and what strategy it should adopt in order to achieve greater engagement with NATO.
A major UK-based insurance company engaged IISS Consulting to produce a study of home-grown terrorism in the UK for distribution to its clients. The analysis provided specific advice on how businesses could protect themselves against the terrorist risk.

IISS Consulting is able to conduct analysis of political trends and strategic change in all regions of the world and drawing on IISS expertise can analyse local and regional political risk, examine key relationships between decision-takers in a variety of countries and advise on how to navigate the political and strategic environment internationally.

Many governments and companies internationally benefit from their corporate membership of The International Institute for Strategic Studies, gaining from IISS published analysis and IISS conferences to which they have special access, valuable knowledge on international political trends and strategic directions.

When they need more specific help, on a confidential and proprietary basis, they can turn to IISS Consulting.

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