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Former officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations are expressing concern over what they describe as Trump’s cavalier rhetoric about using nuclear weapons and potentially allowing them to be obtained by U.S. allies.

“This is the most dangerous thing that he has said, among many dangerous and stupid things,” said Mark Fitzpatrick, 26-year veteran of the State Department who worked on nuclear nonproliferation issues under former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The narrative is damaging to Trump because it plays into the hands of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, who say that Trump’s inexperience makes him too dangerous a liability to be president.

“This could really trigger nuclear wars that could end mankind. Is that what he wants?” said Fitzpatrick, the executive director of the U.S. office of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, who has been publicly critical of Trump. “Talking about nuclear weapons the way he talked about it is not rational.”

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