• Survival

    Russia’s Lasting Influence in Central Asia

    20 November 2017.  Although Russia can no longer exercise hegemonic power or demand exclusive rights of engagement, it is still the preponderant regional player in Central Asia.

  • Survival

    The Thick Red Line: Implications of the 2013 Chemical-Weapons Crisis for Deterrence and Transatlantic Relations

    20 November 2017.  Whether or not American policy after the 2013 Syrian chemical-weapons attack was wise, its execution was bungled, causing unnecessary harm to the US–France relationship.

  • Survival

    Brief Notices

    20 November 2017.  Counter-terrorism and Intelligence
    United States

  • Survival

    When Americans Loved Simón Bolívar

    20 November 2017.  Caitlin Fitz’s Our Sister Republics uncovers a potent sense of American kinship towards Latin America’s nineteenth-century independence movements.

  • Survival

    From the End of History to the Retreat of Liberalism

    20 November 2017.  In The Retreat of Western Liberalism, Edward Luce explores the fundamental tensions at the heart of liberal democracy.

  • Survival

    Book Reviews

    20 November 2017.  Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Jonathan Stevenson
    Europe Hanns W. Maull
    United States David C. Unger

  • Survival

    Avoiding a Hard Brexit in Foreign Policy

    20 November 2017.  It cannot be assumed that the United Kingdom and European Union’s current shared foreign-policy interests will be saved from the broader disruption of Brexit.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy December 2017–January 2018

    20 November 2017.  In the December–January issue, Hal Brands argues that Donald Trump is damaging the core values that constitute effective US global leadership; Erik Jones examines the threat posed to democracy by identity politics following the Catalan referendum; Richard G. Whitman discusses the potential impact of a ‘hard Brexit’ on foreign policy; Nelly Lahoud considers the future of the Islamic State as a non-territorial entity; Ian Anthony warns that abandoning the INF...

  • Events

    Debating counter-factuals: was the rise of ISIS inevitable?

    02 October 2017. 

    Monday 2 October, 6–7.30pm EDT
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Dr Hal Brands, Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University SAIS
    Dr Peter Feaver, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Duke University
    Dr Dana Allin, Editor, Survival; Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs, IISS

  • Survival

    The Secret to North Korea’s ICBM Success

    18 September 2017.  The explanation for North Korea’s rapid progression in long-range missile technology is simple: it acquired a high-performance liquid-propellant engine from a foreign source.

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