• Strategic Dossiers

    Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2017

    23 May 2017. 

    Key developments and trends in Asia-Pacific security

  • Survival

    Trump’s Missing Asia Strategy

    16 May 2017.  Mixed messaging and the doctrine of ‘America First’ are generating scepticism and anxiety among America’s allies and partners in the Asia-Pacific.

  • Expert Commentary

    China and the South China Sea: ‘you shall not pass’

    28 April 2017.  Is Beijing’s apparent willingness to accelerate talks with ASEAN on a South China Sea Code of Conduct just a stalling tactic? With China’s land-reclamation and militarisation programme continuing apace, the United States must be prepared to enforce a red line in the South China Sea if the regional rules-based order is to prevail, argues William Choong.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Why China is outdoing the US in Asia’s coercion contest

    03 April 2017.  When it comes to the art of exerting influence without using armed violence, China has the advantage.

  • Survival

    Asia’s Diplomacy of Violence: China–US Coercion and Regional Order

    20 March 2017.  Military coercion has already changed the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Expert Commentary

    Staying friends with all powers works best for small nations

    13 January 2017.  Singapore's relationship with China is in the spotlight after a series of spats. William Choong, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security, argues smaller states should ensure a balance of power between stronger nations.

  • Strategic Comments

    China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea

    10 November 2016. 

    China's defiance of the arbitration tribunal ruling overwhelmingly rejecting its extensive territorial claims in the South China Sea has exposed competition between the United States and China, attracting regional states into their respective strategic orbits. China's attempt to challenge America's traditional position as the regional maritime power is gaining strength.

  • Strategic Comments

    The Philippines: Duterte’s wilful start

    19 October 2016. 

    A hundred days into his single six-year term, President Rodrigo Duterte has already asserted his powerful political position by undertaking a brutal campaign on drugs, weakening the Philippines' longstanding alliance with the United States and warming to China. These pronounced shifts in policy, however, have drawn considerable criticism from influential figures and groups inside as well as outside the Philippines. Duterte may find it difficult to maintain such controversial policies throughout his presidency.

  • Expert Commentary

    South China Morning Post: Security at stake

    07 October 2016.  Raising concerns about the South China Sea does not make Singapore, or other Asian nations, anti-China. Tim Huxley and Alexander Neill say the issue is on their agenda because leaders have a huge and legitimate stake in regional security, and China’s militarisation of regional waters is not helping.

  • IISS Voices

    Adam Ward: China’s year of living assertively

    29 September 2016.  Strategic Survey 2016 highlights China's increasingly confident behaviour on the international stage, arguing that its deployment of military force in the South China Sea is raising the prospect of a direct confrontation with the United States. Here, Adam Ward analyses the domestic and international triggers of this new assertiveness.

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