• IISS Voices

    Understanding Modi’s vision for the Indo-Pacific

    14 May 2018.  Revitalised India is building closer ties with the US, and pro-actively engaging with China.

  • Military Balance Blog

    China and India: competition for Indian Ocean dominance?

    24 April 2018.  India scored a tentative victory in last year’s confrontation with its northern neighbour. But as both countries seek power in the Indian Ocean, New Delhi must not underestimate Beijing’s growing military strength.

  • Events

    Iran from the Saudi perspective: change and continuity since 1979

    22 April 2018. 

    IISS-Middle East Office, Bahrain
    Sunday 22 April, 5.30–6.30PM
    Clement Therme, Research Fellow for Iran, IISS–Middle East
    Dr Mohammed Alsulami, Head, Rasanah: International Institute for Iranian Studies

  • Military Balance Blog

    Second-term success or failure may hang on addressing German readiness

    17 April 2018.  Readiness problems plague Germany’s armed forces – and may cast doubt on the country’s credibility as a military partner.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Italy: renewed focus on overseas deployments

    09 April 2018.  The Italian military is taking on a greater role in Africa, while reducing its presence in Asia and the Middle East.

  • Expert Commentary

    India emerges as world's big defence spender

    19 March 2018.  India’s defence budget overtook the UK for the first time in 2017 to be counted among the world’s top five.

  • Expert Commentary

    Revising Japan's Article 9: Yes, but not now

    16 March 2018.  The price for 'normalising' Japan's military posture is too steep, especially for something that is largely of symbolic value.

  • Events

    The Military Balance 2018

    21 February 2018. 

    Wednesday 21 February, 10–11.30am EST
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Dr Kori Schake, Deputy Director-General, IISS
    Dr Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    James Hackett, Editor of The Military Balance; Senior Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, IISS
    Nick Childs, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security, IISS

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter I, Part II: Big data, artificial intelligence and defence

    14 February 2018.  Military applications

    From tactical to operational
    Strategic advantage
    Ethical considerations
    2018 and beyond

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 5: Russia-Eurasia

    14 February 2018.  Russia: Syria; Russia’s military exercises; Contract service; Ukraine; New equipment; Defence economics; Defence spending; State Armament Programme; Defence industry; Arms exports
    Ukraine: Armed-forces reform; Personnel reform

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