• Press Statement

    IISS statement on 2016 Mexico conflict fatalities

    23 June 2017.  Armed Conflict Survey provides analysis of the political, military and humanitarian dimensions of all major armed conflicts.

  • IISS Voices

    IISS Cyber Report: 15 to 21 June

    22 June 2017.  Wannacry ransomware traced to North Korea, US–Cuba cooperation, mobile internet blocked in Darjeeling.

  • IISS Voices

    Turkey’s border wall no substitute for effective refugee policy

    20 June 2017.  A vast new wall built by Turkey on its border with Syria offers the country some protection from external security threats. But the wall does not address domestic challenges, specifically those posed by the many refugees already inside Turkey. Caitlin Vito argues the investment on the border should be mirrored by an equally robust effort to develop effective, long-term refugee policies.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Berlin looks to build Future Combat Aircraft System consortium

    19 June 2017.  Germany is looking at the potential of building a next-generation combat aircraft with at least France, Spain and Sweden as possible partners. There are indications that preliminary talks with these nations have already taken place. 

  • Politics and Strategy

    The perils of the DUP’s national empowerment

    16 June 2017.  The Conservative Party–DUP coalition could destabilise Ireland, particularly in the midst of Brexit, argues Jonathan Stevenson.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Critics are wrong: Iran remains in compliance with nuclear accord

    15 June 2017.  Mark Fitzpatrick calls for fair assessments of Iran’s nuclear activity, and argues that critics must consider context and perspective in their analyses.

  • IISS Voices

    IISS Cyber Report: 8 to 14 June

    15 June 2017.  Governments in Australia, Egypt and Nepal seek to increase data monitoring of citizens; China, Malaysia, the Philippines, France and the United Kingdom each cracks down on terrorist content online.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Towards 355: US Navy throws down the gauntlet on urgency

    13 June 2017.  It is remarkable, given the resource implications involved, how much of a political consensus has formed in the United States around a new, dramatically more ambitious US Navy force goal of 355 ships compared to the previous target of 308.

  • IISS Voices

    IISS Cyber Report: 1 to 7 June

    08 June 2017.  Putin likens hackers to artists, cyber defence boost for US missiles, Japan launches satellite.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Montenegro: NATO enlarges once more

    07 June 2017.  On 5 June 2017, Montenegro formally joined the NATO Alliance, as its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty was formally deposited with the US State Department. A flag-raising ceremony took place at NATO headquarters today to mark this historic event.

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