• Survival 60-1

    Understand Beijing's strategic thinking

    Xi's plan to make China great again

    The new issue of Survival features analysis of Xi Jinping’s strategic vision, as well as an exposition of its economic strategy.

  • Military Balance 2018

    Military Balance 2018

    Your essential guide to the world's militaries

    The new edition of The Military Balance, our annual assessment of global militaries and defence economics, is out now.

  • US guard chemical and nuclear training. Credit: Staff Sergeant Christopher S Muncy


    New US Nuclear Posture Review

    The new US nuclear posture review calls for the modernisation of US nuclear-weapons systems and expanded nuclear options. The latter would most controversially include low-yield nuclear weapons, which could lower the nuclear threshold.

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    How can South Africa achieve its potential?

    Amid South Africa's leadership turmoil, what should its future policymakers do to establish their country as a continental leader? To build on the lessons of the post-apartheid era, they will need to deploy greater innovation, dexterity and statecraft, argues James Hamill in his new Adelphi book. 

  1. Understand Beijing's strategic thinking

  2. Military Balance 2018



New edition launched 14 February

The country-by-country guide to military developments

The annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of over 171 countries, and a must-have for anyone conducting serious studies of security policy and military affairs. Order your copy now.

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Dr Kori Schake joins IISS as Deputy Director-General

The IISS is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Kori Schake as Deputy Director-General. A leading defence expert who during her career has worked dynamically and creatively at the nexus of government, academia and think tanks, Dr Schake took up her position in early February 2018.


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