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    Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

    UN talks on nuclear ban treaty get started

    Get up to speed on the proposed nuclear ban treaty with analysis from IISS experts. Despite little media attention, prospects for a treaty look better this time. But is a ban the best way to bring about a world without nuclear weapons?

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    Seeking fresh approaches to adaptation

    Opening NATO’s 2017 Transformation Seminar, NATO's senior leadership urged participants to bring fresh thinking to the debate about how the Alliance should adapt to future challenges, looking to the innovation seen in the civilian sector as a key source of inspiration.

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    New Strategic Comment

    The urban refugee crisis

    In the Middle East and North Africa region, 90% of Syrian refugees are living outside of refugee camps. This has highlighted the urgent need to address the challenges presented by urban refugees more effectively.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II

    The Emperor vs the Adults

    Donald Trump and Wilhelm II

    In the April–May issue of Survival, François Heisbourg draws an analogy between the current US president and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

  1. Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Policy


  3. New Strategic Comment

  4. The Emperor vs the Adults

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