• Anti-Russia Protest in Ukraine.

    Ukraine and the Art of Limited War

    By Lawrence Freedman

    Putin’s power play in Ukraine was impulsive and improvised, without any clear sense of the desired end state. After many months of effort, Russia has achieved limited gains, but at high cost.

  • ISIS in Syria.

    Assessing Syria's Jihad

    By Charles Lister

    Syria is home to a broad range of groups who pose immediate and long‐term threats. We need to understand their structures and dynamics; their ideologies and objectives; their tactics and strategy; and their sources of finance.

  • Turkey-Syria border.

    Turkey's Syria Predicament

    By Henri J. Barkey

    Assad’s continued hold on power is a major setback for Ankara, cascading into Turkey’s wider foreign policy and damaging its relationships with both neighbouring powers and Washington.

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War footing?

This issue includes articles on international affairs by Lawrence Freedman, Charles Lister and Henri J. Barkey.

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Britain's Integration Debates

By Alexander Nicoll

The quality of argument over constitutional settlements for Scotland and England has been low. On Europe, both sides need to offer positive, intelligent visions of the future, or risk a decision based on xenophobia rather than principle.

Jordan: Caught in the Middle Again

By Ben Fishman

Heightened Israeli-Palestinian conflict could overwhelm Amman's capacity to care for Syrian refugees.

The Media Strategy of ISIS

By James P. Farwell

The group’s main tool has been brute force, but it has proved deft in the use of social media and cyber technology to drive home its messages.