• Public Domain (Ali Shaker/Voice of America)

    Clinton and Trump: Two Faces of American Nationalism

    By Anatol Lieven

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exemplify new forms of old nationalisms that are likely to define politics in the United States for many years to come.

  • Getty Images

    Information Warfare and the US Presidential Election

    By Nigel Inkster

    If the Russian state was indeed behind the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails, it may have overplayed its hand.

  • US State Department/Public domain

    Republican Foreign Policy After Trump

    By Kori Schake

    Donald Trump's supporters are genuinely questioning America's role in the world. Republicans owe them persuasive answers on their own terms.

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The New Oil Regime

By Pierre Noël

The oil-price collapse that began in June 2014 was not just a correction typical of commodity markets. It will be seen retrospectively as the start of a new era.

EU-Iran Relations After Brexit

By Seyed Hossein Mousavian

Britain's impending departure creates an opportunity for a new EU-Iran relationship.

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Dangerous Games

By Bruno Tertrais

How does Russia view NATO's public attempts at thinking through scenarios for East-West conflict?