• Public Domain (Republic of Korea, via Flickr)

    Putinism, Populism and the Defence of Liberal Democracy

    By Olga Oliker

    Although Russia is a contributor to and beneficiary of the current illiberal surge, its causes lie within democratic countries, and solutions must be found at home.

  • Public Domain (Gage Skidmore, via Flickr)

    The Businessman President

    By Michael Pocalyko

    An understanding of Donald Trump’s presidency must begin with his uniqueness in a domain that has been alluded to since his election, but little understood.

  • Public Domain (GovernmentZA, via Flickr)

    Russia and China: A New Model of Great-Power Relations

    By Samuel Charap, John Drennan and Pierre Noël

    By accommodating each other’s strategic interests, Russia and China have achieved an effective partnership despite significant imbalances between them.

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By Nelly Lahoud

With a small number of high-profile exceptions, the Islamic State’s women are expected to be the enablers, not the agents, of jihad.

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By Beatrice Fihn

The time has come for the international community to reject the bomb.

Innovation and Adaptation in Jihadist Digital Security

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In online discussions, jihadists are alert to changes in technology and the policies of their adversaries.