• Juan E. Diaz, via Wikipedia

    Was the Rise of ISIS Inevitable?

    By Hal Brands and Peter Feaver

    The most fateful American choice in the rise of ISIS was also the oldest one: the 2003 decision to invade Iraq, followed by the mismanagement of the occupation.

  • Kurdishstruggle, via Flickr

    The End of a Caliphate

    By James Dobbins and Seth G. Jones

    It is not clear that the United States will commit to the long-term efforts needed to prevail against the Islamic State’s affiliates, and to ensure the organisation does not re-emerge in Iraq and Syria.

  • via Wikimedia

    The Benefits of Hindsight: Historical Research and Political Accountability

    By Lawrence Freedman

    The only fair test when evaluating policymakers’ judgements is to ask whether a decision was reasonable given what was known at the time.

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