• Wikimedia

    The Unexceptional Superpower: American Grand Strategy in the Age of Trump

    By Hal Brands

    President Donald Trump is taking aim at many of the core ideas and practices that have made the United States such an effective global leader.

  • kremlin.ru

    Russia’s Lasting Influence in Central Asia

    By Morena Skalamera

    Although Russia can no longer exercise hegemonic power or demand exclusive rights of engagement, it is still the preponderant regional player in Central Asia.

  • White House

    The Thick Red Line

    By Jeffrey Lewis and Bruno Tertrais

    Whether or not American policy after the 2013 Syrian chemical-weapons attack was wise, its execution was bungled, causing unnecessary harm to the US–France relationship.

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    29 November 2017

    North Korea punctures a pause

    North Korea’s latest ballistic-missile test shows that diplomacy wasn't given a chance, writes Mark Fitzpatrick.

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    08 November 2017

    The increasing likelihood of war with North Korea

    War involving North Korea is a 50/50 proposition over the next year, says Mark Fitzpatrick.

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    31 October 2017

    How will the Islamic State endure?

    The credibility of the Islamic State may be undermined, but the security threat it poses should not be underestimated.

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    26 October 2017

    Deja Vu in Kenya?

    A decade after deadly election violence swept Kenya, another presidential vote has brought fresh unrest. Jonathan Stevenson says an improved voting...

European Security after the INF Treaty

By Ian Anthony

Losing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty could lead to destabilising changes in American, Russian and European forces and doctrines.

Catalonia and the Problem of Identity Politics

By Erik Jones

Leaders can harvest great rewards by appealing to narrow identities, but only at the expense of long-term stability.

How Will the Islamic State Endure?

By Nelly Lahoud

The Islamic State after the caliphate may yet inspire more and increasing violence.