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Abe's security bills represent evolution not revolution

The prime minister's move to increase the role of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces has caused controversy, but the country long ago moved away from a pacifist stance, argues William Choong.

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    Obituary: Denis Healey 1917–2015

    07 October 2015.  Denis Healey, who died last week at the age of 98, was not only a founding father of the IISS; but for him, we would probably not have got off the ground at all. The IISS originated in a study group that was set up at Chatham House in 1956 to examine the possibilities of limiting nuclear war. Denis, then the UK Labour Party’s principal spokesman on defence, was its leading...

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    William Choong: Abe's security bills represent evolution not revolution

    01 October 2015.  The prime minister's move to increase the role of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces has caused controversy, but the country long ago moved away from a pacifist stance

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    Matthew Cottee: UK politicians back Chinese nuclear investment

    23 September 2015.  Britain is set to become the marque client for Chinese nuclear technology, following political and economic assurances by UK government ministers

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    Ben Barry: Could Russia repeat the east Ukraine playbook in Syria?

    22 September 2015.  Despite many clear differences between Ukraine and Syria, a battle-hardened Russian army may be looking to apply lessons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions

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    IISS Voices: Countering extremism in Bangladesh

    21 September 2015.  Islamist groups are increasingly establishing welfare systems and exploiting widespread poverty to threaten the institutions of state 

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    Hebatalla Taha: Perilous escape routes from Iraq’s multiple battlefields

    21 September 2015.  The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq currently stands at around 3.2 million. Conditions for those fleeing ISIS-controlled areas are becoming increasingly dire, as the Iraqi government seeks to restrict their entry into Baghdad, and ISIS cracks down on internal resistance, using brutal tactics to prevent a mass exodus from areas it controls.

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    Emile Hokayem: West’s ‘fundamentally flawed’ strategy against ISIS

    16 September 2015.  Although Western options are limited, cooperation with Russia is no automatic solution

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    Jeremy Taylor: Peace deal signed in South Sudan

    10 September 2015.  South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has signed a much-anticipated peace agreement with his rival and rebel leader Riek Machar, but many questions remain as to whether the agreement will end the country’s 20-month civil war. 

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    Matthew Cottee: Could China crash hurt new UK nuclear?

    10 September 2015.  There might be less Chinese money to invest in overseas reactors, but that is hardly the only worry at the UK’s planned Hinckley Point C power station

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    Alexander Neill: Remembering the past and looking to the future

    02 September 2015.  When I was asked to write about my impressions of the Chinese military parade scheduled for 3 September, I accepted with a measure of trepidation. In recent days I have reflected on the significance of this anniversary and the message the parade will deliver – not just in China, but across the world. 


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