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Britain's Iraq Inquiry – an initial military assessment

The long-awaited results of a seven-year inquiry into the UK's role in the Iraq War of 2003 have finally been published. Here, Ben Barry recalls his own experiences of assessing the British Army's efforts to stabilise the country after the conflict and how he came to similarly uncomfortable conclusions about the UK's failure to achieve its strategic objectives.

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    Strategic Survey 2016: The Annual Review of World Affairs

    26 September 2016.  The 2016 edition looks at the trends that shaped relations between global powers in the past year: rising populism across the world, intractable conflict in the Middle East, increasingly assertive foreign policy from China and Russia, and many more.

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    Mark Fitzpatrick: ‘All’ means all when it comes to security of nuclear materials

    21 September 2016.  All sensitive nuclear materials must be protected to the highest standards, irrespective of origin or purpose, argues Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas, and co-author of a new report on this subject. Efforts to regulate the security of nuclear materials currently focus on the small proportion that are in the civilian sector, whereas the vast bulk are in fact in the non-civilian sector. The report demonstrates why strengthening the security of...

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    Jonathan Stevenson: Explaining US policy stasis in Syria

    12 September 2016.  The fragile hope is that the deal tentatively struck last week by John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov for the US and Russia to coordinate counter-jihadist operations and restrain opposition and regime military activity, respectively, will produce a durable ceasefire in Syria and re-energise political talks. As Jonathan Stevenson explains, prospects for success are dubious.

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    Matthew Cottee: North Korea’s fifth nuclear test: time to take its nuclear status seriously?

    09 September 2016.  Even though North Korea’s latest nuclear test was widely forecast to happen, there is no clear indication of what the international response will, or could, comprise. As Matthew Cottee explains, the US has promised ‘serious consequences’ and South Korean President Park Geun-hye has referred to Kim Jong-un’s ‘maniacal recklessness’ as a step towards self-destruction, but there are few indications of how these condemnations will translate into substantive policy.

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    Jens Wardenaer: Myanmar: Progress at Panglong despite obstacles

    06 September 2016.  The 21st Century Panglong Conference represents a significant new step towards ending seven decades of conflict in Myanmar

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    Virginia Comolli: Drugs in Afghanistan - the elephant in the room

    31 August 2016.  In Afghanistan, fatalities are on the rise as international interest dwindles. The narcotics trade, enmeshed in the war, obstructs peace between the Taliban and the government and has caused an epidemic of drug users. Virginia Comolli explains the urgent need to counter the problem.

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    Anastasia Voronkova: Enhanced security provision unlikely to bring peace to South Sudan

    30 August 2016.  Without the formulation of a longer-term plan to address the multiple layers of the conflict, it is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future.

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    Obituary: Walther Stützle 1941–2016

    26 August 2016.  Walther Stützle, who died earlier this month at the age of 74, began his career at the IISS. He was one of Germany's most prominent defence policymakers and commentators.

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    Jonathan Stevenson: ISIS's bad week

    18 August 2016.  In light of ISIS's recent setbacks, the group’s strategic decline in the broader Middle East is more a trend than an aberration, argues Jonathan Stevenson.

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    Antônio Sampaio: Rio's real Olympic challenge

    04 August 2016.  As the Olympic Games kick off in Rio amid controversy and criticism, Antônio Sampaio argues that Rio's challenges started well before the torch was lit – and will continue unless urban decay is addressed.


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