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Global conflict fatalities increase by more than 35% in 2014

The number of conflict-related deaths worldwide grew to some 176,000 in 2014, a substantial increase from 113,000 in 2013, , according to data collected by Armed Conflict Database (ACD) researchers. The higher death toll resulted almost exclusively from an intensification of violence in existing conflicts.

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    Hanna Ucko Neill: African insurgent groups look to ISIS as they face increasing pressure

    24 March 2015.  Two of the most significant African insurgent groups – Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Somalia – are looking to ISIS, possibly to gain momentum as both face the increased pressure of successful military operations against them. 

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    Maxime Humeau: Countering Ebola in Sierra Leone - the British military contribution

    20 March 2015.  By Maxime Humeau, Land Warfare Research Assistant In the spring of 2014, several West African countries reported of what was to become the widest and most lethal Ebola epidemic in history. By mid-July the spread of the virus in Sierra Leone had outpaced the infection in Guinea and Liberia combined. The amplifying emergency drove the United Kingdom to deploy a force of 750 uniformed personnel to the country on October the...

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    Nigel Inkster: Privacy and security

    12 March 2015.  By Nigel Inkster, Director of Transnational Threats and Political Risk As a result of the revelations by rogue NSA contractor Edward Snowden on the scope of global telecommunications monitoring undertaken by the NSA and its ‘Five Eyes’ partner, the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) carried out a comprehensive review of the communications intercept and surveillance activities undertaken by the UK intelligence agencies. This report was one of the first...

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    Strategic Snapshots: As the ceasefire in Ukraine holds, what next?

    12 March 2015.  Dr Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia, discusses the scope and sequencing of the ‘Minsk 2.0’ agreement between Russia and Ukraine. ‘Success’ of the ceasefire holding in Donbas would pose challenges in itself; in particular on the question of Kiev’s resolve to endorse a constitutional decentralisation of powers, stipulated in the agreement. Will a stretch of relative calm produce a move towards lasting peace or the hardening of a...

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    Virginia Comolli: Organised crime - much more than drugs and thugs

    08 March 2015.  By Virginia Comolli, Research Fellow for Security and Development Strategically speaking, organised crime has only relatively recently earned a spot on the agenda of world’s leaders and international bodies. Yet, nowadays very few people would argue that organised crime is simply a policing problem and international campaigns are underway to sensitise the public and to urge action against one illicit activity or another. We now even have a World Wildlife Day...

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    Alexander Neill: CELAC - China’s new Trans-Pacific drive

    07 March 2015.  By Alexander Neill, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security In recent months, China’s new Eurasian push has caught the headlines, with Xi Jinping allocating $USD 40 billion for the New Silk Road project, promising the creation of new strategic economic corridors emanating from China’s western periphery. On the maritime front, Chinese strategists have identified nodes along a new maritime silk road connecting China with South East Asia, the Indian Ocean...

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    Antonio Sampaio: Latin American Cities and Insecurity

    07 March 2015.  By Antonio Sampaio, Research Associate for Security and Development Latin America has established itself as an essential trade hub for the expanded South-South networks of goods, services and information. The commodities boom during the last decade boosted GDP growth and employment and broadly reduced social inequality, making countries such as those in the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) even more attractive destinations for investment and trade.  Globalisation is most visible in...

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    Antonio Sampaio & Jens Wardenaer: Colombia and the Philippines: common challenges to peace

    06 March 2015.  The peace processes in Colombia and the Philippines have similarities that allow for cross-learning between the two countries. The two cases highlight the risks of holding peace talks amid ongoing and complex conflicts involving non-state actors. 

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    Nigel Inkster: The IISS Cartagena Dialogue - discussing illegal mining in Latin America

    04 March 2015. 

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    Diana Quintero: Colombia - a bridge between Asia and Latin America

    03 March 2015.  Looking forward to a new era of peace, Colombia is introducing Asian leaders to its Latin American region, with a new top-level summit called the Cartagena Dialogue.

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