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This week the UK passed the DRIP bill in response to a European Court ruling limiting the retention of data, while continuing revelations on NSA spying strained US-German relations. In the latest IISS Strategic Snapshot, Nigel Inkster discusses the politics of surveillance.

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    Braz Baracuhy: The BRICS New Development Bank: A Geo-economic Game-Changer

    24 July 2014.  By Braz Baracuhy, Consulting Senior Fellow for Geo-Economics and Strategy The sixth BRICS summit, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 15 July 2014, is a milestone for the bloc of emerging powers. After two years of technical consultations among finance officials, this meeting led to the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank and a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA). These innovations represent a geo-economic game-changer for the BRICS’ financial cooperation and its...

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    Virginia Comolli: 100 days and counting - a view from the US

    23 July 2014.  By Virginia Comolli, Research Fellow for Security and Development Today marks 100 days since over 200 girls were abducted in Northern Nigeria by Islamist militants belonging to Boko Haram. Following the widely embraced, albeit now nearly forgotten #BringBackOurGirls campaign, a new slogan in the ongoing Boko Haram saga appears to have been coined: ‘Bring back our army’.  This time however, it was not the parents of the missing girls who created...

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    Strategic Snapshots: Iran nuclear talks, glass half full?

    23 July 2014.  Is the decision to roll over negotiations on Iran's nuclear programme politically sustainable? Mark Fitzpatrick and Adam Ward discuss Ali Khamenei’s redline over centrifuges, the uncertain effects of the US midterm elections and the difficulty of calibrating sanctions with political pragmatism. 

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    Strategic Snapshots: Surveillance diplomacy

    15 July 2014.  Adam Ward and Nigel Inkster reflect on events and revelations in London, Berlin and Washington to assess the domestic and foreign policy implications of diverging government attitudes and capabilities towards data communications-intercept operations.

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    Dina Esfandiary: Iran and the question of ICBMs

    14 July 2014.  By Dina Esfandiary, Research Associate, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme A US Pentagon report from January 2014 (but only released in early July) seems to have revised earlier US intelligence assessments that Iran could test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by 2015. Indeed, although Iran has an advanced missile programme, the state of its current industrial base, research and development, and decades of being under sanctions led the IISS to assess in...

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    Ben Barry: Iron Dome - Still a Double-Edged Shield?

    14 July 2014.  By Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare The latest war between Israel, Hamas and other militant groups is taking place mainly over Gaza and Israel. As in November 2012, the Israeli Iron Dome defence system is playing a key role in intercepting rockets launched against Israeli targets. The majority of Hamas missiles fired against Israeli towns and cities have been successfully intercepted, whilst those assessed as being likely to fall...

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    Strategic Snapshots: The Meaning of Modi

    10 July 2014.  Adam Ward and Sanjaya Baru assess the end of Nehru-Gandhi dominance, a changing electorate and secular shift in Indian politics as Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays out his plans for Asia's third largest economy in his government's inaugural budget.

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    Global Strategic Trends - a UK perspective

    08 July 2014.    By Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare and Jack Baker, Land Warfare Research Assistant In recent years, the notion that the future is increasingly uncertain has become a popular refrain amongst commentators across the spectrum of foreign, defence and security affairs. Despite the current vogue for assertions of unprecedented global instability, governments and armed services around the globe have long sought to predict the course of international affairs in order...

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    Strategic Snapshots: Crisis in Iraq

    04 July 2014.  Adam Ward and Toby Dodge delve into Iraq's rapidly deteriorating security situation, tangled political web and weak institutions to ask how this strategically important country will deal with the announcement of an ISIS caliphate on its territory. 

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    William Choong and Alexander Neill: The Singapore school of foreign relations - IISS–Fullerton Lecture

    02 July 2014.  By William Choong and Alexander Neill, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellows for Asia–Pacific Security In his critically-acclaimed One Man’s View of the World, Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew espouses the essence of Singapore’s approach to international relations. Singapore, he writes, has ‘to take the world as it is; it is too small to change it’. The Republic must ‘maximise the space we have to manoeuvre among the ‘big trees’ in the region’...

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