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Britain's Iraq Inquiry – an initial military assessment

The long-awaited results of a seven-year inquiry into the UK's role in the Iraq War of 2003 have finally been published. Here, Ben Barry recalls his own experiences of assessing the British Army's efforts to stabilise the country after the conflict and how he came to similarly uncomfortable conclusions about the UK's failure to achieve its strategic objectives.

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    Pakistan–China: strategic partnership means business

    21 October 2016.  Despite the challenges, China is determined to give Pakistan a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform its economy and their relationship. Here, Antoine Levesques examines their efforts to broaden an ambitious strategic partnership.

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    Renewed militancy exacerbates the complex peace process in the Niger Delta

    12 October 2016.  Addressing the root causes of unrest in the Niger Delta is the only way to sustainable peace in the region

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    The bitter war to stabilise southern Iraq - British Army report declassified

    10 October 2016.  A British Army report into the post-conflict stabilisation of Iraq has just been declassified. Here, the report is published and its author – IISS Senior Fellow for Land Warfare Ben Barry – explains some of its uncomfortable conclusions.

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    Antonio Sampaio: What now for Colombia's peace process?

    04 October 2016.  The Colombian people's rejection of the FARC peace deal has thrown the country into disarray. What happens now? Officially, the peace process goes on, says Antonio Sampaio, but the challenge just got a whole lot bigger.

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    Elisabeth Marteu: Israel walks a tightrope on the Golan Heights

    30 September 2016.  Israel’s confused policies on the Golan Heights seem increasingly risky as the Syrian conflict shows no sign of abating

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    Adam Ward: China’s year of living assertively

    29 September 2016.  Strategic Survey 2016 highlights China's increasingly confident behaviour on the international stage, arguing that its deployment of military force in the South China Sea is raising the prospect of a direct confrontation with the United States. Here, Adam Ward analyses the domestic and international triggers of this new assertiveness.

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    Chris Raggett: 50 Years of Strategic Survey

    28 September 2016.  On 27 September the IISS launched Strategic Survey 2016, the 50th edition in the series. Here, Chris Raggett takes a look at past editions and highlights the lessons we can learn from taking a long look at history.

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    Strategic Survey 2016: The Annual Review of World Affairs

    26 September 2016.  The 2016 edition looks at the trends that shaped relations between global powers in the past year: rising populism across the world, intractable conflict in the Middle East, increasingly assertive foreign policy from China and Russia, and many more.

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    Mark Fitzpatrick: ‘All’ means all when it comes to security of nuclear materials

    21 September 2016.  All sensitive nuclear materials must be protected to the highest standards, irrespective of origin or purpose, argues Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas, and co-author of a new report on this subject. Efforts to regulate the security of nuclear materials currently focus on the small proportion that are in the civilian sector, whereas the vast bulk are in fact in the non-civilian sector. The report demonstrates why strengthening the security of...

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    Jonathan Stevenson: Explaining US policy stasis in Syria

    12 September 2016.  The fragile hope is that the deal tentatively struck last week by John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov for the US and Russia to coordinate counter-jihadist operations and restrain opposition and regime military activity, respectively, will produce a durable ceasefire in Syria and re-energise political talks. As Jonathan Stevenson explains, prospects for success are dubious.


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