• Strategic Dossiers

    Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security

    01 December 2015. 

    This Strategic Dossier charts and contextualises the key developments and trends that have shaped the cyber domain since the 1950s.

  • Expert Commentary

    Slate.Fr: «Je ne pense pas que bombarder Daech soit la clé du problème»

    20 November 2015.  François Heisbourg était l’invité de l'émission «Politique» sur France 24. Il a mis en garde les autorités et déclaré qu’une attaque au Moyen-Orient serait insuffisante si l’on n’apportait pas des réponses locales.

  • Expert Commentary

    New York Times: How to beat ISIS - First deal with Assad

    17 November 2015.  Emile Hokayem, a senior fellow for Middle East security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies who has personal roots in Beirut and in Paris, discusses how to defeat Islamic State

  • Expert Commentary

    Les Echos: Francois Heisbourg - 'Il n'y a pas de résponse simple et convaincante'

    16 November 2015.  Francois Heisbourg on France's response to the latest ISIS attacks in Paris

  • Expert Commentary

    France TV Info: "L’hyperterrorisme est encore à venir"

    16 November 2015.  'Nous devons nous préparer, psychologiquement, budgétairement, à des actes d’hyperterrorisme sur notre territoire, comparables sinon au 11-Septembre américain, du moins aux méga-prises d’otages de Moscou ou aux attentats de Bali ou Madrid avec leur bilan tournant autour de 200 morts ou davantage' - Francois Heisbourg

  • Strategic Dossiers


    15 November 2015. 

    For many governments and countries, the possession and control of advanced technology and services, as well as information, has become a question of survival and development. Yet cyberspace is difficult to separate into a distinct area of interests and affairs that can be governed in accordance with widely accepted norms.

  • Expert Commentary

    Financial Times: Paris attacks - France stands at a crossroads

    14 November 2015.  Success in defeating terrorism will be measured by society’s response

  • Expert Commentary

    Le Monde: Cœur lourd, tête froide

    14 November 2015.  By Francois Heisbourg, Chairman of the IISS and of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy Après New York, Madrid, Bombay, Londres, Moscou, Ankara, Tel Aviv et quelques autres, Paris rejoint la triste liste des grandes villes victimes du terrorisme de destruction de masse d’inspiration djihadiste. Notre premier devoir est certes de pleurer nos morts et de venger les victimes de cette nuit sanglante du vendredi 13 novembre. Ce malheur ne nous est...

  • Strategic Dossiers

    Chapter Nine: Intelligence and the Internet

    13 November 2015. 

    Signals intelligence has facilitated the collection of ever-greater quantities of information, with a significantly reduced risk of detection. Intelligence agencies in the cyber domain have not limited themselves to espionage. Their repertoire also extends to cyber sabotage and, potentially, cyber warfare.

  • Strategic Dossiers

    Chapter Six: The 2010s

    10 November 2015. 

    The 2010s saw the internet emerge as an industry in its own right, with an estimated user base of 3 billion people representing a wide range of actors. Yet there continues to be a lack of clear guidelines and an urgent need for policymakers and experts to adopt a strategic approach to cyber politics and governance.

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