• Adelphi Books

    Chapter 2: Cyber Espionage

    23 May 2016. 

    China has assimilated cyber capabilities in ways that make it a formidable actor among global intelligence powers.

  • Adelphi Books

    Chapter 1: Evolution of the Chinese Internet: Freedom and Control

    23 May 2016. 

    China's prioritisation of content control came at the expense of network security, with the result that its online environment remained anarchic and lawless.

  • Adelphi Books

    China’s Cyber Power

    23 May 2016. 

    As China increasingly gains the economic benefits of global connectivity, the West’s technological edge is fast eroding. In this Adelphi, Nigel Inkster examines the political, historical and cultural development of China’s cyber power in light of evolving capabilities and governance structures.

  • Expert Commentary

    Financial Times: France is falling into the trap set by Isis

    10 May 2016.  By Francois Heisbourg, Chair of the IISS Council France needs to 'resist the war-on-terror rhetoric and alienating French Muslims', argues Francois Heisbourg. Isis wants to bring about civil war in Europe, but will succeed 'only if a misguided response by European governments and societies plays into its hands'. Heisbourg writes that France is in danger of providing such a response, and although it 'can still change tack... time is running out'. Read the full...

  • Events

    Global Jihadism: Going Backwards?

    29 April 2016. 

    Nigel Inkster, Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, IISS
    Friday 29 April 2016, 2–3PM BST

  • Events

    Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security

    05 April 2016.  Book Launch
    Nigel Inkster, Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, IISS
    Eneken Tikk-Ringas, Consulting Senior Fellow for Future Conflict and Cyber Security, IISS
    Mika Kerttunen, Director of Research, Cyber Policy Institute
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Tuesday 5 April, 10-11am EDT

  • Strategic Comments

    After Brussels: understanding and countering ISIS’s strategy

    30 March 2016. 

    The recent attacks in Brussels confirmed Islamic State’s strategy of supplementing its flagging effort to establish a Middle East caliphate with an out-of-area campaign of urban terror focusing on Europe. Unity among Europe’s policymakers remains key to securing the continent against terrorism and addressing the root causes of Muslim radicalisation.

  • IISS Voices

    Nigel Inkster: Terrorism, Europe and Brexit

    29 March 2016.  The recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France have provoked debate about whether the UK would be safer in or out of the EU. Nigel Inkster argues that cooperation, not fragmentation, is needed for modern counter-terrorism.

  • Events

    Survival Seminar: Encryption Policy and the Darknet

    03 February 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Thomas Rid, Professor in Security Studies, Department of War Studies, King’s College London
    Daniel Moore, PhD Candidate, Department of War Studies, King’s College London
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 3 February 2016, 1.30-2.30pm

  • Events

    Media Launch: IISS Strategic Dossier on Cyber Security

    01 December 2015. 

    Strategic Dossier
    Nigel Inkster, IISS Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security
    Dr Mika Kerttunen Director of Research, Cyber Policy Institute
    Dr Eneken Tikk-Ringas Consulting Senior Fellow for Future Conflict and Cyber Security, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 01 December 2015, Informal Reception 4.45pm-5.15pm; Launch 5.15pm-6pm

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