• Events

    A Conversation with Julia Gillard

    22 August 2014. 

    IISS-Fullerton Lecture
    Julia Gillard
    Former  Prime Minister of Australia
    Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Friday 22 August 2014

  • Strategic Comments

    Challenges for India’s new government

    18 August 2014.  Although the convincing election victory achieved by Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promises a foundation of stability in India’s government, if Modi is to boost economic growth and investor confidence he will still need to reach out to his opponents.

  • Experts Commentary

    National Interest: Why Obama's Coercion Strategy in Ukraine Will Fail

    04 August 2014.  By Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia The downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 has dramatically escalated tensions surrounding the Ukraine crisis. On Tuesday, the EU and the United States enacted unprecedented economic sanctions against Russia, the world’s sixth largest economy. The talk in Western capitals is about the degree of punishment to exact against Russia for its actions and the extent of support to provide to the Ukrainian government, be...

  • Events

    A Pacific Bridge: Next Steps for Canada and Asia

    04 August 2014. 

    IISS-Fullerton Lecture
    John Baird
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada
    Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Monday 04 August 2014

  • Survival

    Turkey, Davutoglu and the Idea of Pan-Islamism

    25 July 2014. 

    Turkey’s foreign minister was the first intellectual to devise a rationalistic and pragmatic Islamist foreign policy. Five years in office have exposed a huge gap between his ambitions and the country’s ability to achieve them.

  • Survival

    Letting Things Go

    25 July 2014. 

    Obama’s restraint in the use of force has good precedent. He should be judged by the substance and not the shadow of power.

  • IISS Voices

    Strategic Snapshots: Iran nuclear talks, glass half full?

    23 July 2014.  Is the decision to roll over negotiations on Iran's nuclear programme politically sustainable? Mark Fitzpatrick and Adam Ward discuss Ali Khamenei’s redline over centrifuges, the uncertain effects of the US midterm elections and the difficulty of calibrating sanctions with political pragmatism. 

  • Events

    The Day After the Deadline: Assessing the Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

    22 July 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Mark Fitzpatrick,
    Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament programme, IISS
    Dina Esfandiary,
    Research Associate, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament programme, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 22 July 2014, 12:30-1:30pm

  • Events

    IISS-US Adelphi Book Launch: Beyond Air-Sea Battle

    17 July 2014. 

    IISS-US Adelphi Book Launch
    Aaron Friedberg
    Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
    Discussant: Elbridge Colby
    Robert M. Gates Fellow, Center for New American Security
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Thursday 17 July 2014

  • IISS Voices

    Strategic Snapshots: Surveillance diplomacy

    15 July 2014.  Adam Ward and Nigel Inkster reflect on events and revelations in London, Berlin and Washington to assess the domestic and foreign policy implications of diverging government attitudes and capabilities towards data communications-intercept operations.

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