• Events

    Change and uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific

    13 March 2017. 

    Fullerton Lecture
    The Honourable Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australia
    The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Monday 13 March 2017, 6–7pm SGT

  • Strategic Comments

    US Latin America policy under Trump

    23 February 2017. 

    Trump's Latin America policy, so far generally subdued, may become more active. The administration has sharply antagonised Mexico with harsh immigration and trade policies. Trump also appears inclined to take strong positions on Cuba and Venezuela, and his tilt against trade agreements could present strategic opportunities for China in the region.

  • Events

    A Conversation with His Excellency David O'Sullivan

    22 February 2017. 

    IISS–Americas Ambassadors' Forum
    His Excellency David O'Sullivan, Ambassador of the European Union to the United States
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Wednesday 22 February 2017, 10–11am EST

  • Expert Commentary

    Can General McMaster stabilise Trump's foreign policy team?

    22 February 2017.  The new national security adviser's steady approach may rile the hot heads in President Trump’s inner circle.

  • Expert Commentary

    Trump and the Holy Land

    15 February 2017.  The new US president says he would love to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Can the man behind ‘the art of the deal’ bring hope after years of missed opportunities?

  • IISS Voices

    Trump is normalising extreme anti-migrant voices around the world

    08 February 2017.  Trump's hardline stance will raise barriers for immigrants and refugees around the world - not only those hoping to enter the US. Caitlin Vito says the new president is bringing fringe views into the mainstream.

  • Strategic Comments

    Trump and the US intelligence community

    25 January 2017. 

    President Trump has publicly denigrated the value of the United States' intelligence community (IC), imperilling the morale and retention of intelligence officers. Unless he establishes a better working relationship with the IC, the White House not only risks hollowing out the IC but could also wind up politicising the intelligence process and misusing intelligence products.

  • Survival

    America’s Path from Malaise to Primacy

    25 January 2017.  Hal Brands’s Making the Unipolar Moment is a breath of fresh air on a topic politicised, or as often romanticised, for far too long.

  • Survival

    Book Reviews

    25 January 2017.  Deterrence and Arms Control Jeffrey Lewis
    Russia and Eurasia Angela Stent
    Asia-Pacific Lanxin Xiang

  • Survival

    Trump and the Asia-Pacific: Managing Contradictions

    25 January 2017.  The election of Donald Trump leads the United States and the states of the Asia-Pacific into uncharted territory.

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