• Events

    Brazil’s Political Landscape: New Demands, New Actors

    21 October 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Marcus Freitas 
    Professor of International Law and International Relations,
    Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), Brazil 
    Dr Anthony Pereira
    Director of the Brazil Institute, King’s College London
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 21 October 2014

  • Events

    Human Security and Conflict Resolution in West Africa

    15 October 2014. 

    Oppenheimer Lecture 2014
    Dr Aminata Touré
    Former Prime Minister of Senegal
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 15 October 2014

  • Politics and Strategy

    Charlotte Kennedy: Pakistan's protests

    09 October 2014.  Islamabad’s tree-lined streets, usually clear, are now trash-strewn and cluttered with tents. Men and women camped opposite Parliament House are washing their clothes, rolling up their bed mats and quietly gossiping over deep-fried parathas and boiling cups of milky tea. Children play between the tents and barbed wire, while local police, weary in the summer heat and itchy in their polyester uniforms, rest on their rifles. Many of these people have...

  • Expert Commentary

    Business Times: Infrastructure finance getting more Asia-centric

    06 August 2014.  By  Woo Jun Jie and Suvi Dogra, Research and Liaison Officer, Geo-economics and Strategy Programme There has long been talk of an emerging shift in the economic and financial core of the world from the West to the East. The recent unveiling of the BRICS's New Development Bank (NDB) and the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), both of which are focused on providing infrastructure finance to developing countries in Asia, and...

  • Survival

    Brazil’s Angry Middle Class

    25 July 2014. 

    The recent protests show that secure democracy and an absence of extremism are no guarantee of domestic stability.

  • IISS Voices

    Braz Baracuhy: The BRICS New Development Bank: A Geo-economic Game-Changer

    24 July 2014.  By Braz Baracuhy, Consulting Senior Fellow for Geo-Economics and Strategy The sixth BRICS summit, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 15 July 2014, is a milestone for the bloc of emerging powers. After two years of technical consultations among finance officials, this meeting led to the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank and a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA). These innovations represent a geo-economic game-changer for the BRICS’ financial cooperation and its...

  • IISS Voices

    Strategic Snapshots: The Meaning of Modi

    10 July 2014.  Adam Ward and Sanjaya Baru assess the end of Nehru-Gandhi dominance, a changing electorate and secular shift in Indian politics as Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays out his plans for Asia's third largest economy in his government's inaugural budget.

  • Events

    Address by Li Keqiang

    18 June 2014. 

    IISS and Chatham House Key Address
    Li Keqiang, Premier of the People’s Republic of China
    Mansion House, London
    Wednesday 18 June

  • Politics and Strategy

    Dhruva Jaishankar: Power and resilience in Asia

    30 May 2014.  Why do strategists miscalculate the balance of power with such alarming frequency? In the 1860s, planners in Paris and Vienna woefully underestimated Prussian power, resulting in crushing defeats for their armies. Major powers’ attempts at naval arms control in the 1920s, meant to preserve the balance of power, did not ensure peace in their time. And, during the 1980s, US assessments of Soviet capabilities failed to anticipate the sudden end...

  • Events

    Webinar: Food Security in Asia

    21 May 2014. 

    Adelphi Webinar
    Monika Barthwal-Datta,
    Lecturer in International Security,
    School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales
    Wednesday 21 May 2014

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