• Survival

    Morons, Losers and Leaders

    22 September 2015.  If the Corbyn challenge is not met, Labour will be out of power for close to a generation, more than enough time for a political party to die.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 10: South Asia and Afghanistan

    15 September 2015. 

    India: Stalled Reforms
    Pakistan: New Counter-terrorism Efforts
    Sri Lanka: End of Rajapaksa’s Presidency
    Afghanistan: Critical Transitions

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 9: Sub-Saharan Africa

    15 September 2015. 

    Nigeria: Elections amid Growing Insurgency
    West Africa’s Ebola Crisis
    Persistent Conflicts in Eastern and Central Africa
    Foreign Military Forces in Africa

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 4: United States

    15 September 2015. 

    Déjà Vu?
    Government Without Congress
    Beyond the Water’s Edge
    Cold Wars
    Middle Eastern Realignment

  • Politics and Strategy

    Matthew Harries: Morons, Losers and Leaders

    14 September 2015.  I’ll tell you what happens with impossible promises. - Neil Kinnock, 1 October 1985. I ‘We cannot waste this defeat’, said Harriet Harman, interim Labour leader, after her party’s bitter loss in Britain’s May 2015 general election. ‘We will dare to look over the precipice at what happened.’ Looking over the precipice, Labour saw the smouldering wreckage of an election campaign. The post-mortem has been traumatic, not least because, as late as election...

  • IISS Voices

    Herve Lemahieu: Myanmar’s messy election will test ‘disciplined democracy’

    22 August 2015.  It is far from certain how the nascent political system – a halfway house in which the military remains a key political arbitrator – will cope with the more complex demands to be faced.

  • Expert Commentary

    El Pais: Suu Kyi Será Clave

    22 August 2015.  Por Herve Lemahieu, Research Associate for Political Economy and Security El 8 de noviembre los votantes de Myanmar acuden a las urnas. La perspectiva de unas elecciones relativamente libres (o “lo suficientemente buenas”) son mucho mejores que en 2010, cuando llegó al poder un gobierno dirigido por generales jubilados del antiguo régimen militar. Aunque, en su favor, hay que decir que la administración del presidente Thein Sein implantó reformas de amplio alcance que...

  • Strategic Comments

    Thailand’s troubled politics

    18 August 2015. 

    A bomb attack in the Thai capital, Bangkok has again focused international attention on the country’s turbulent domestic politics.

  • Events

    The UK and the EU: Making the most of an awkward partnership

    15 July 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Rt Hon. Lord Garel-Jones
    Member, House of Lords, Former Minister of State, Foreign and 
    Commonwealth Office
    Managing Director, UBS; Chairman UBS Latin America
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 15 July 2015

  • Events

    Members' Launch of The Armed Conflict Survey

    15 July 2015. 

    Book Launch
    Nigel Inkster
    Editor, The Armed Conflict Survey;
    Director, Transnational Threats and Political Risk, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 15 July 2015

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