• IISS Voices

    Antônio Sampaio: The Evolution of Hybrid Armed Groups

    24 September 2014.  By Antônio Sampaio, Research Analyst for Security and Development An improvised explosive device was detonated near a road as a Colombian police convoy passed by it in the small rural town of Tierradentro, Córdoba department, on 16 September. Seven officers were killed. The scale of the attack was shocking in itself given that it was perpetrated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the middle of advanced peace negotiations...

  • Strategic Comments

    New approaches to Central American organised crime

    05 September 2014. 

    The adoption of new security policies integrating civilian and military approaches to tackle transnational criminal groups is symptomatic of the limitations of local police forces, as well as the drawbacks of relying too heavily on military interventions.

  • Survival

    Democracy and the Mexican Cartels

    19 May 2014.  In El Narco, journalist Ioan Grillo provides an overview of the history and dynamics of the Mexican drug war.

  • Strategic Dossiers

    Chapter Twelve: Maritime security in the Asia-Pacific

    08 May 2014. 

    What is maritime security?; Maritime disputes: Japan and its neighbours; Maritime disputes: the Korean Peninsula; Maritime disputes: norms, principles and regulation; Piracy and maritime crime; Piracy; Human trafficking and smuggling; Arms and narcotics trafficking; The link with fishing; Maritime constabulary agencies; Maritime-security collaboration; Conclusion

  • IISS Voices

    Antonio Sampaio: Guerrillas, criminals and something in between

    26 March 2014.  By Antonio Sampaio, Research Analyst for Latin America Latin America has become a case study in the fusion of guerrilla warfare and criminality. During the 2000s, leftist guerrilla groups in Colombia suffered increased pressure from government forces, leading them to fragment and their military capabilities to weaken. The remaining fighters and structures have become more connected with the economic drivers of the armed movement than with its long-standing ideology, or any...

  • IISS Voices

    Antonio Sampaio: Armed groups and security in Colombia

    14 March 2014.  By Antonio Sampaio, Research Analyst for Latin America Negotiations in Havana, Cuba between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have gone further than any other dialogue between the two sides in the approximately 50-year conflict. Having reached preliminary agreements on rural reform and political participation, the two sides are now discussing the issue of drug trafficking. But authorities attempting to implement any peace agreement will face...

  • Events

    Armed Groups and the Challenges for Security in Colombia

    12 March 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Javier Ciurlizza, Program Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, International Crisis Group
    Annette Idler, Doctoral Candidate, Department of International Development, University of Oxford
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 12 March 2014, 12:30-1:30pm

  • Military Balance Blog

    Christian Le Mière: Growing maritime insecurity in West Africa

    28 February 2014.  By Christian Le Mière, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security  On 15 February, a team of IISS staff flew to Nigeria to host a workshop on maritime security in West Africa, aboard HMS Portland, a Type-23 frigate that is currently the UK’s Atlantic patrol vessel. Maritime security has become something of a hot topic in West Africa, with the Gulf of Guinea becoming the most virulent region in terms of...

  • IISS Voices

    Insecurity and conflict in the Sinai peninsula

    21 November 2013.  Violence and militant activity in the Sinai has increased to such a degree that the peninsula has been added to the more than 50 other conflicts covered by the IISS’s re-launched Armed Conflict Database (ACD). Our researchers have noted the considerable increase in violence since Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi was removed from power in July. Sporadic attacks targeting Israel; the Egyptian military apparatus; oil and gas pipelines; international peacekeepers; tourists; and...

  • Events

    Modernising Drug Law Enforcement

    06 November 2013. 

    IISS-WOLA-IDPC Discussion Meeting
    Virginia Comolli
    Research Associate for Transnational Threats, IISS
    David Bewley-Taylor
    Associate, International Drug Policy Consortium; Professor, Swansea University, U.K.
    Vanda Felbab-Brown
    Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Wednesday 06 November

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