• Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Viewing North Korea vicariously

    22 October 2014.  Despite having followed North Korea off and on for my entire career, I am often reminded of how much I do not know. My conference travel schedule to exotic places took me last week to Preston, in northern England, to attend a scholarly workshop on Korean security. It was the coming-out party, so to speak, for the new International Institute of Korean Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, and...

  • Events

    Afghanistan and Regional Security

    22 October 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Roger Kangas
    Academic Dean, Near East South Asia (NESA) Center
    for Strategic Studies, Washington DC
    Rahul Roy-Chaudhury
    Senior Fellow for South Asia, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 22 October 2014

  • IISS Voices

    Antoine Levesques: A rocky road to the border for Xi and Modi

    02 October 2014.  By Antoine Levesques, Research Associate for South Asia The border dispute between Asia’s two giant neighbours imposed itself on the agenda of the recent Xi–Modi summit devoted to trade and economics. But with time on their side and plenty of political capital at home, they can take new steps to manage their increasing assertiveness in the Himalayas without upsetting their delicate balance of rivalry and cooperation. Xi Jinping’s 17–19 September...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: Can we afford to address climate change?

    01 October 2014.  In her post on this blog yesterday, my colleague and Survival co-author Shiloh Fetzek pointed out that last week’s UN Climate Summit in New York has reinvigorated high-level engagement and set a more optimistic tone for climate negotiations, although commitments to emissions reductions on the scale and of the pace needed to avoid dangerous climate change do not yet match ambitions. If, as seems likely, the world does exceed this...

  • Survival

    Wealth and the Good Society

    17 September 2014. 

    In reminding us that unbounded wealth is dangerous both to liberty and to capitalism itself, Thomas Piketty’s Capital does us a great favour. But the timidity of his remedy makes a credible solution elusive.

  • Survival

    The Smart Revisionist

    17 September 2014. 

    Beijing cultivates an image of a status quo power. But it has not yet fulfilled its ambitions, and there are indications that the easy part of China’s rise might be over.

  • Geo-economics and Strategy Conferences

    Business Opportunity and Political Risk in the Gulf and Middle East

    07 September 2014. 

    IISS Geo-economics and Strategy Conference
    IISS-Middle East, Manama
    07-08 September 2014

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 2: Strategic Policy Issues

    02 September 2014. 

    Security and Privacy in the Cyber Domain
    The Annual IISS Strategic Survey: Assessing Drivers of Change
    Hybrid Insecurity in Developing Countries

  • Expert Commentary

    Business Times: Infrastructure finance getting more Asia-centric

    06 August 2014.  By  Woo Jun Jie and Suvi Dogra, Research and Liaison Officer, Geo-economics and Strategy Programme There has long been talk of an emerging shift in the economic and financial core of the world from the West to the East. The recent unveiling of the BRICS's New Development Bank (NDB) and the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), both of which are focused on providing infrastructure finance to developing countries in Asia, and...

  • IISS Voices

    Strategic Snapshots: Hybrid Insecurity

    31 July 2014.  A new IISS research programme explores the threats to long-term development posed by complex security challenges. Virginia Comolli elaborates on the ‘hybrid insecurity’ confronting many developing countries, including the Boko Haram insurgency troubling Africa’s largest economy, instability posed by rapid urbanisation, and the role of organised criminal networks as surrogate providers of public services. 

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