• Survival

    Trident’s Replacement and the Survival of the United Kingdom

    22 September 2015.  A nuclear-weapon system designed to guarantee the UK’s survival could hasten its political demise.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Thomas C. Moore: Iran – Non-Proliferation Overshadowed

    16 September 2015.  The world’s major powers once agreed that Iran was no place for uranium enrichment or the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. United after 9/11 and the jarring revelation of the A.Q. Khan proliferation network, they worked to defeat nuclear proliferation and terrorism – and the nexus of the two in Iran – without military force. They launched criteria-of-supply negotiations in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG); a moratorium on transfers of...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Avis Bohlen: Iran – An Opening for Diplomacy?

    16 September 2015.  Negotiation is an essential tool of diplomacy, as weapons are of war. The recently concluded Iran deal represents a major diplomatic achievement arrived at by long and patient negotiation. Its significance is likely to go far beyond the terms of the accord itself and must be judged in a broader diplomatic and strategic context. The Iran nuclear deal is important first and foremost for the stringent limits it places on...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Bruno Tertrais: Iran – An Experiment in Strategic Risk-Taking

    16 September 2015.  The luxury of being a policy analyst is that one can afford to say what politicians cannot: ‘it’s complicated’. If I had been voting on the 14 July nuclear deal with Iran, I would have had to abstain. American and European diplomats worked hard to close most of the avenues and loopholes that Iran could exploit to advance its nuclear programme. The enriched-uranium stockpile and the number of centrifuges will be...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Iran – A Good Deal

    10 September 2015.  The more I study the Iran nuclear deal, the more deeply I appreciate its worth. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreed in Vienna on 14 July is better than all three of its antecedents. It goes beyond the political accord struck in Lausanne on 2 April, walking back from none of the parameters of that accord as described by the United States. Among other virtues, the verification procedures of the...

  • Expert Commentary

    Die Zeit: Das nukleare Tabu ist so wichtig wie nie

    11 August 2015.  By Theo Sommer Hiroshima und Nagasaki brachten Elend, aber auch Abschreckung. Heute hat Russland 7.500 Atomwaffen, die USA 7.200, Pakistan 120. Die Gefahr darf nicht vergessen werden. Die Welt hat in den vergangenen Tagen des Atombombenabwurfs auf Hiroshima und Nagasaki gedacht. Siebzig Jahre nach der Zerstörung der beiden japanischen Städte sind dabei immer wieder drei Fragen gestellt worden.  Read the full article at Die Zeit

  • Politics and Strategy

    Matthew Harries: Hiroshima as Symbol

    06 August 2015.  It is 70 years to the day since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, on 6 August 1945. Nagasaki was bombed three days later. The horrible and awesome destructive power of nuclear weapons, combined with the effects of radiation, makes their use, by any compassionate human being, close to unthinkable. But ever since their invention and first use against Japan, observers have also believed that the existence of nuclear weapons changes...

  • Survival

    The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Restraint

    22 July 2015.  It is manifestly in the American interest that nuclear weapons are never again used in war – but if they are, should the United States retaliate in kind?

  • Survival

    Deterrence at Three: US, UK and French Nuclear Cooperation

    22 July 2015.  Western nuclear deterrence could benefit from closer cooperation ‘at three’. The US, UK and France should take care, however, to do no harm to their existing bilateral relationships.

  • Survival

    Remembering Soviet Nuclear Risks

    22 July 2015.  Recent historical focus on NATO’s Able Archer exercise in 1983 risks ignoring what happened in the years afterwards: Soviet accidents amid heightened tensions.

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