• Strategic Comments

    North Korea: growing threat despite charm offensive

    25 November 2014. 

    North Korea poses an array of security threats to its neighbours and the wider world, and these threats continue to grow. But for a short period this autumn, North Korea appeared to be making efforts on nearly every front to improve its image.

  • IISS Voices

    Hanna Ucko Neill: Burkina Faso - a warning for Africa’s strongmen

    14 November 2014.  Will a popular uprising in a relatively stable nation force other African leaders to rethink plans to extend their time in power?

  • News

    Burkina Faso: a warning for Africa’s strongmen

    13 November 2014.  Will a popular uprising in a relatively stable nation force other African leaders to rethink plans to extend their time in power?

  • Strategic Comments

    Ukraine conflict: risk of escalation remains

    07 November 2014. 

    The Ukraine conflict has been pushed into a new phase by elections in separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk. In spite of attempts to achieve a ceasefire, a renewal of hostilities is possible at any point in the coming months.

  • IISS Voices

    Herve Lemahieu: Pre-election deadlock in Myanmar

    05 November 2014.  By Hervé Lemahieu, Research Associate for Political Economy and Security Speculation abounds over President Thein Sein’s decision to convene a roundtable bringing together party leaders with the heads of the military and election commission for the first time last Friday. Some analysts have interpreted the move as an attempt at reaching a ‘grand bargain’ between competing political actors and the military ahead of general elections scheduled for November 2015. Aung San Suu...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Dana H. Allin: Republicans’ very good night

    05 November 2014.  The Democrats’ defeat in Tuesday’s US mid-term elections was somewhat worse than expected – but it was expected nonetheless. Even though the Republicans won the Senate by a decisive margin, not much in the structure of American political power will change. American governance was structurally gridlocked on Monday, and it remains so today, if marginally more so. This is because there is simply no significant legislation the president can get through...

  • Strategic Comments

    Hong Kong’s protests hint at deeper problems for China

    22 October 2014. 

    The current protests reflect underlying political, social and cultural fissures between Hong Kong and mainland China. How this immediate test is handled could prove fundamentally important to the integrity of the country and government.

  • Events

    Brazil’s Political Landscape: New Demands, New Actors

    21 October 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Marcus Freitas 
    Professor of International Law and International Relations,
    Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), Brazil 
    Dr Anthony Pereira
    Director of the Brazil Institute, King’s College London
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 21 October 2014

  • IISS Voices

    Adrian Hofer: A rogue Libyan general’s odd campaign

    17 October 2014.  Who is Khalifa Haftar, the former army general who has vowed to rid Libya of Islamists – and have his military operations against them helped or merely plunged the country into further chaos?

  • Expert Commentary

    Reforma: Ven frustración en destrozos en Guerrero

    16 October 2014.  Reforma interview with Antônio Sampaio, Research Analyst for Security and Development La radicalizaron de las protestas contra el Gobierno de Ángel Aguirre Rivero reflejan la frustración de una sociedad cansada por el abandono institucional en materia de seguridad y desarrollo, afirmó el Instituto Internacional de Estudios Estratégicos (IISS, por sus siglas en inglés) de Londres. "Las manifestaciones son una muestra de la gran insatisfacción hacia el Gobierno local y los vacíos democráticos que no...

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