• Politics and Strategy

    Alex Nicoll: UK constitution - a three-act play

    17 December 2014.  Scotland’s vote in September to remain within the United Kingdom was but one step in what could turn out to be a constitutional upheaval. The outcome might be a very different kind of country. Or it might not be. At this stage, it is impossible to tell. As it turns out, the decisive outcome of the referendum did not even resolve the issue of Scotland’s future. As I wrote in...

  • Adelphi Books

    Chapter One: The Crisis of the Iraqi State

    06 December 2014. 

    What, exactly, does a state need to do to survive? What has brought the Iraqi state to the brink of collapse and can it be rebuilt?

  • Strategic Comments

    Landmark peace deal close in southern Philippines

    05 December 2014. 

    The implementation of a peace deal for the island of Mindanao is unlikely to proceed entirely smoothly as armed groups test the new security regime. But success would end a major security threat, encourage foreign investment and allow for the development of a currently poor region that is rich in natural resources.

  • Survival

    South Africa: Broken Promises

    01 December 2014.  Travel writer Paul Theroux’s two post-apartheid trips, a decade apart, reveal a growing sense of pessimism about the nation’s politics and prospects.

  • Survival

    Britain’s Integration Debates

    01 December 2014.  The quality of argument over constitutional settlements for Scotland and England has been low. On Europe, both sides need to offer positive, intelligent visions of the future, or risk a decision based on xenophobia rather than principle.

  • Strategic Comments

    North Korea: growing threat despite charm offensive

    25 November 2014. 

    North Korea poses an array of security threats to its neighbours and the wider world, and these threats continue to grow. But for a short period this autumn, North Korea appeared to be making efforts on nearly every front to improve its image.

  • IISS Voices

    Hanna Ucko Neill: Burkina Faso - a warning for Africa’s strongmen

    14 November 2014.  Will a popular uprising in a relatively stable nation force other African leaders to rethink plans to extend their time in power?

  • News

    Burkina Faso: a warning for Africa’s strongmen

    13 November 2014.  Will a popular uprising in a relatively stable nation force other African leaders to rethink plans to extend their time in power?

  • Strategic Comments

    Ukraine conflict: risk of escalation remains

    07 November 2014. 

    The Ukraine conflict has been pushed into a new phase by elections in separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk. In spite of attempts to achieve a ceasefire, a renewal of hostilities is possible at any point in the coming months.

  • IISS Voices

    Herve Lemahieu: Pre-election deadlock in Myanmar

    05 November 2014.  By Hervé Lemahieu, Research Associate for Political Economy and Security Speculation abounds over President Thein Sein’s decision to convene a roundtable bringing together party leaders with the heads of the military and election commission for the first time last Friday. Some analysts have interpreted the move as an attempt at reaching a ‘grand bargain’ between competing political actors and the military ahead of general elections scheduled for November 2015. Aung San Suu...

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