• Events

    The IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2016

    03 June 2016. 

    15th Asia Security Summit
    Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
    3-5 June 2016

  • IISS Voices

    Alexander Nicoll: Despite fears of Brexiteers, greater EU defence cooperation makes sense

    12 May 2016.  Brexiteers’ fear of a ‘European army’ is laughable, argues Alexander Nicoll, given the ongoing failure of European countries to pool their defence efforts - greater EU defence cooperation would be better for all members, but domestic interests always get in the way

  • Expert Commentary

    The Australian: Security ties with Southeast Asia would benefit from some ingenuity

    09 May 2016.  By Tim Huxley, Executive Director, IISS–Asia and Benjamin Shreer, Professor in Security Studies at Macquarie University Australia needs to think more creatively about its key defence partnerships in Southeast Asia. Until recently, there were good reasons for thinking that Southeast Asian countries' political dispositions and strategic doctrines ruled out any major change in the scale or intensity of their defence co-operation with each other and with external powers such as ­Australia. However...

  • Armed Conflict Survey

    Chapter 1, Part I: Pessimism and Planning in Armed Conflict

    05 May 2016. 

    Predictions about developments in inter-state and intra-state armed conflicts are naturally influenced by recent experiences. This explains the optimism that followed the end of the Cold War and the singular experience of the 1991 Gulf War, and the pessimism now following the long insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, the souring of relations with Russia, the anxieties surrounding China, and the sudden prominence of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) as a source of mayhem in the Middle East and terrorism in Western countries.

  • Events

    A Conversation with His Excellency Kåre R. Aas

    29 April 2016. 

    IISS–Americas Ambassadors' Forum
    His Excellency Kåre R. Aas, Ambassador of Norway to the United States
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Friday 29 April 2016, 8.30–9.30AM EDT

  • IISS Voices

    Jonathan Stevenson: Ratcheting up US military involvement in Syria and Iraq

    21 April 2016.  The US Defense Department has announced increases in the number of special-operations forces to be deployed in Syria, and enhancements to their missions in Iraq. Jonathan Stevenson analyses the strategic and political implications of this move.

  • Events

    Iran Nuclear Deal Implementation: Hiccups and Hurdles

    14 April 2016. 

    Corporate Breakfast
    Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas
    Arundel House, London
    Thursday 14 April 2016, 8–9AM BST

  • Events

    Conflict Management in Ukraine: A Frontline Perspective

    11 April 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Samir Puri, Lecturer, Department of War Studies, King’s College London
    Arundel House, London
    Monday 11 April, 12.30–1.30pm BST

  • Events

    Deterrence at Sea – India’s Evolving Options

    31 March 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar, Former Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command, India
    Arundel House, London
    Thursday 31 March, 11.30am–12.30pm BST

  • Military Balance Blog

    Nick Childs: The US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship - Less is more

    22 March 2016.  By Nick Childs, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security For most of 2015, the number of Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs) commissioned in the United States Navy remained at four. Two more were commissioned late in the year and more are due to be commissioned during 2016. But just as LCS production and delivery finally starts to gain momentum, the future for this controversial programme seems even more clouded in...

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