• Events

    Bangladesh and the UK: Countering religious radicalisation & extremism

    09 September 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Prof. Abul Barkat, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics,
    University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Nigel Inskter, Director for Transnational Threats and Political Risk, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 9 September, 10:00am-12:30pm

  • Expert Commentary

    Financial Times: France cannot indulge the xenophobes on immigration

    28 August 2015.  By Francois Heisbourg, Chairman of the IISS Europe faces no greater challenge than the mass influx of refugees from conflicts in Syria and North Africa argues IISS Chairman Francois Heisbourg in The Financial Times.  Immigration, a more emotive issue than the Eurozone crisis, is ‘driving a wedge between EU populations and their governments, between member states and indeed between the EU itself and the values on which it was founded.’ France in particular...

  • Expert Commentary

    Strategic Europe: Is Schengen dead?

    26 August 2015.  In light of Europe’s refugee crisis and recent cross-border terrorist activity, experts assess whether the EU’s Schengen Area, in which participating states have abolished border controls, should be dismantled. Francois Heisbourg, Chairman of the IISS In light of Europe’s refugee crisis and recent cross-border terrorist activity, our experts assess whether the EU’s Schengen Area, in which participating states have abolished border controls, should be dismantled. The Schengen Agreement shares a number of features with...

  • Survival

    The Regional Problem of Boko Haram

    22 July 2015.  Nigeria cannot defeat Boko Haram by itself; it needs the help of its neighbours. But the regional fight will not be easy.

  • IISS Voices

    Defining a 'full-spectrum' counter-terrorism strategy

    22 July 2015.  Guest post by Alia Brahimi, Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University and IISS Armed Conflict Survery contributor, and Chris Mackmurdo, Director, Contest Global On 9 July the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) took the extraordinary step of urging all British nationals, including roughly 3,000 tourists, to leave Tunisia. This tightened travel advice followed the Sousse attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) that left 38 people dead, including 30 British holidaymakers...

  • IISS Voices

    Hanna Ucko Neill: Kenya’s progress against al-Shabaab

    21 July 2015.  With last week’s reopening of the Westgate Mall – site of a major terrorist attack in 2013 – Nairobi’s governor is claiming all is safe before US President Barack Obama's impending visit. Yet despite recent setbacks in their neighbouring homeland of Somalia, al-Shabaab continues to plague Kenya

  • Expert Commentary

    The National Interest: Tunisia Needs to Do More to Fight Terrorism

    14 July 2015.  By Benjamin Fishman, Consulting Senior Fellow for the Middle East and North Africa The June 26 resort massacre in Tunisia that resulted in thirty-eight deaths revealed that the only Arab democracy is woefully underprepared to take on the brutality of the Islamic State. Like the March attack at Tunis’ Bardo museum, the beach and hotel had very limited security and the response times of police were insufficient to prevent dozens of...

  • Events

    Urban Warfare in the ‘Marvelous City’: Securing Rio from the Gangs

    09 July 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Antônio Sampaio 
    Research Associate for Security and Development, IISS
    Christoph Harig 
    Doctoral Researcher, Brazil Institute, King’s College London
    Arundel House, London
    Thursday 9 July 2015

  • Strategic Comments

    Communications interception: UK report seeks legal reform

    08 July 2015. 

    British spies’ bulk collection of citizens’ phone and internet metadata doesn’t breach EU law, a new government report says. However, the document does recommend an overhaul of the complex UK law governing the field.

  • Expert Commentary

    Washington Times: Nigeria's deadly Boko Haram 'didn't come out of the blue'

    19 June 2015.  Interview with Virginia Comolli, Research Fellow for Security and Development WASHINGTON TIMES: Why did you write a book about Boko Haram? VIRGINIA COMOLLI: I came to look at Boko Haram not because I am an Africanist, but because I am a security analyst very much interested in state groups. Most of my work is channelled through the study of insurgencies, extremism, terrorism and organized crime. So this is how I started to...

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