• Strategic Comments

    Pakistan: a more positive trajectory

    27 July 2016. 

    The past 18 months have been an atypically salutary period for Pakistan. Democracy has deepened, civilian–military relations have been stable, the economy has grown and foreign relations have been conducted with relative maturity and civility. While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif does face some political turbulence and the country's long-term challenges remain substantial, Pakistan's overall outlook is improving.

  • Survival

    Climate Change and State Death

    11 July 2016. 

    As climate change raises sea levels, it is unclear how the international community will handle the physical disappearance of several island states.

  • Events

    The Global Goals – A Roadmap to a Sustainable, Fair and More Peaceful Future

    13 April 2016. 

    IISS Fullerton Lecture
    Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway
    Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Wednesday 13 April 2016, 5–6pm SGT

  • Strategic Comments

    China’s energy policy: new technology and civil nuclear expansion

    08 March 2016. 

    Having generated most of its electricity from coal-fired plants, China is aggressively seeking to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions and move towards energy self-sufficiency. It may in fact be on a trajectory to become a major player in a global nuclear-power market traditionally dominated by the West.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Bruce Gilley and David Kinsella: Paris COP21 and the road to climate-change coercion

    02 December 2015.  Negotiations at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Paris from 30 November–11 December, have begun. The talks have all the trappings of a self-help seminar for addicts. Sometimes such seminars work, but no amount of positive thinking can change the basic facts. On the one hand, the world is emitting far too much greenhouse gas, and this shows...

  • Strategic Comments

    Climate change: divisions persist ahead of Paris summit

    04 November 2015. 

    Negotiations at the forthcoming Paris climate-change summit are likely to be difficult and intense, regardless of the level of momentum and political will for achieving a binding agreement. Critical questions continue to highlight the divisions over how countries should share the burden of addressing climate change.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 3, part I: A New Era in the Oil Market

    15 September 2015. 

    Strategic Policy Issues

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 3, part III: Deadlines for Mitigating Climate Change

    15 September 2015.  Strategic Policy Issues

  • Survival

    The Pope’s Divisions

    22 July 2015.  Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’s June 2015 encyclical letter on the environment, is likely to have a major impact on public discourse, and perhaps on policy.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: The Pope’s Divisions

    19 June 2015.  It has been less than a decade since climate change began to emerge at the top of the international agenda. In March 2007, in his first major address after taking office, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said there was an urgent need to reframe the debate from an environmental to a development and security issue, and that it would be one of his top priorities as secretary-general. Six weeks later, on...

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