• Expert Commentary

    Tehran Times: Iran nuclear deal can open dialogue on issues of common interest

    13 August 2015.  Interview with Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme TEHRAN - Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the non-proliferation program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), believes that the nuclear deal between Iran and the West can create new opportunities for holding talks on “many issues of common interest”.  “Clearing away the nuclear obstacles opens the possibilities for dialogue between Iran and Western nations on other areas of mutual interest that has not...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: A dozen ways the Iran deal promotes global disarmament and non-proliferation

    11 August 2015.  The Iran nuclear deal agreed on 14 July is helpful to disarmament and to non-proliferation in twelve ways. 1. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) shows the value of diplomacy. Three years ago, there was growing concern that Iran’s increasing nuclear capabilities would put it at the brink of quickly being able produce nuclear weapons. Some called Iran a ‘de facto’ weapons state. There was also real concern that military...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Matthew Harries: Hiroshima as Symbol

    06 August 2015.  It is 70 years to the day since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, on 6 August 1945. Nagasaki was bombed three days later. The horrible and awesome destructive power of nuclear weapons, combined with the effects of radiation, makes their use, by any compassionate human being, close to unthinkable. But ever since their invention and first use against Japan, observers have also believed that the existence of nuclear weapons changes...

  • Survival

    The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Restraint

    22 July 2015.  It is manifestly in the American interest that nuclear weapons are never again used in war – but if they are, should the United States retaliate in kind?

  • Strategic Comments

    Iran’s nuclear agreement: the terms

    21 July 2015. 

    If faithfully implemented, the agreement reached on 14 July will put off the threat of a nuclear weapon for 15 years, and remove Iran from its economic and political isolation.

  • Expert Commentary

    APPG Briefing: A worthwhile Iran deal

    16 July 2015.  Remarks on the recent Iran nuclear deal to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Security and Non-Proliferation on 15 July

  • Expert Commentary

    Prospect: The good, the bad and the ugly in the Iran nuclear deal

    15 July 2015.  By Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme The agreement reached in Vienna on 14th July is not a great deal for either Iran or the world powers with whom it was negotiating. But it is good enough and far better than the alternative of the status quo ante. Less than two years ago, Iran was locked in an increasingly worrisome confrontation with the Western nations, adding more centrifuges as they added...

  • Expert Commentary

    EU Non-Proliferation Consortium: Implementing an Iran Nuclear deal - The EU Role

    13 July 2015.  Presentation by Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, at the Fourth Consultative Meeting of the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, Brussels, 13 July 2015 After hearing of all the other difficult challenges facing the EU, it is unusual to be able to turn to the Iran nuclear issue as a positive development. A comprehensive agreement may now be only a matter of days or even hours away. Clearly there will be a deal...

  • Events

    Assessing the (Presumptive) Iran Nuclear Deal

    10 July 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Mark Fitzpatrick
    Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 10 July 2015, 1-2pm

  • IISS Voices

    Adil Sultan: In defence of Pakistan's nuclear management

    26 June 2015.  Rumours have been swirling in the wake of the Iran nuclear talks that Saudi Arabia may be planning to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. But such suspicions do not tally with Islamabad's current strict nuclear-control measures.

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