• Expert Commentary

    CNN: Complexities of Tackling ISIS in Syria

    25 September 2014.  CNN Connect the World interview with Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Regional Security, IISS-Middle East BECKY ANDERSON, HOST: three-and-a-half years and almost 200,000 deaths since the Syrian civil war began. The international community now responding in Syria with force, but not against Bashar al-Assad. The spread of ISIS in the north of the country has prompted the US and its allies into action, but they enter a situation a lot more complex...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Douglas Barrie & Joseph Dempsey: Ukrainian air force capability erodes further

    25 September 2014.  By Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace and Joseph Dempsey, Research Analyst, Defence and Military Analysis Programme The ceasefire in eastern Ukraine declared on 3 September 2014, should it hold, will provide a welcome respite for the Ukrainian air force and army aviation units, both of which have suffered notable losses of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Arguably, however, as much damage had already been done before fighting began due to years...

  • IISS Voices

    Emile Hokayem: US intervention in Syria is far more complex than in Iraq

    23 September 2014.  By Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Middle East Security The US and its allies in the anti-ISIS coalition have begun striking ISIS and Khorasan (a Syria-based al-Qaeda franchise) in eastern and northern Syria. This air power campaign follows a wider one in Iraq last month and is aimed at disrupting the Islamic State’s considerable presence across these areas. After resisting intervention in Syria for years, the US has now been compelled...

  • Strategic Comments

    UK aircraft carrier: projecting military power

    12 August 2014. 

    The July launch of the UK's biggest-ever warship was an important step forward for its aircraft-carrier programme. But questions remain about whether one or two ships will enter service, and about the aircraft that will be on board.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Douglas Barrie & Henry Boyd: Russian cruise missile goes off-range

    21 July 2014.  By Douglas Barrie, Senior for Fellow for Military Aerospace, and Henry Boyd, Research Associate for Defence and Military Analysis Recent imagery released as part of official coverage of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to the 26th Missile Brigade at Luga (around 135km south of St Petersburg) shows an Iskander (SS-26 Stone). The transporter-erector-launcher is seen with a launch container for a cruise missile, most likely from the Novator Design Bureau...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Joseph Dempsey: Pro-Russian separatist access to medium-range surface-to-air missiles

    18 July 2014.  By Joseph Dempsey, Research Analyst, Military Balance Online On 18 July 2014, in a White House statement on the crash in eastern Ukraine of Malaysian airlines flight MH17, US President Barack Obama stated what many already suspected. He said that the evidence indicated the aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile launched from territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside Ukraine. Obama did not comment on the question of intent, rightly...

  • Events

    IISS-US Adelphi Book Launch: Beyond Air-Sea Battle

    17 July 2014. 

    IISS-US Adelphi Book Launch
    Aaron Friedberg
    Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
    Discussant: Elbridge Colby
    Robert M. Gates Fellow, Center for New American Security
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Thursday 17 July 2014

  • Military Balance Blog

    Douglas Barrie and Joseph Dempsey: The limitations of Iraqi air power

    02 July 2014.  By Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace and Joseph Dempsey, Research Analyst, Military Balance Online If the last few weeks have brutally exposed shortcomings within the Iraqi Army and security forces, the limitations of its nascent air force in dealing with Islamic State of Syria and al-Sham (ISIS) insurgents have been known for considerably longer. Combat operations against ISIS in 2013 resulted in the death and injury of a number...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Joseph Dempsey: Iraqi's latest Su-25s come from Iran

    02 July 2014.  By Joseph Dempsey, Research Analyst, Military Balance Online Following on from an initial delivery of Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft from Russia, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence announced a further delivery had been received on 1 July 2014. Although the source of this latest delivery of Su-25s has not been officially commented upon, it is the conclusion of IISS analysts that these latest examples originate from neighbouring Iran. Iran has recently pledged...

  • Events

    Is there an Arms Race in Asia?

    26 June 2014. 

    IISS-US Discussion Meeting
    Christian Le Mière
    Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security, IISS
    Douglas Paal
    Vice President for Studies and Director of the Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Thursday 26 June 2014

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