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US Foreign Policy & Transatlantic Affairs

Exploring how economic worries about military overstretch are altering the United States' global posture, asking whether a more consolidated US posture might be effected, and analysing the implications for US allies and rivals.

Expert: Dr Dana Allin

Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs; Editor of Survival

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US–Saudi relations: between friction and accommodation

US–Saudi relations have always been transactional, driven by US strategic interests and Saudi threat perceptions. After decades of relative stability, greater US energy independence and differences over the Iran nuclear deal, the Arab Spring and Syria have caused their interests and policies to diverge.

  • Strategic Comments

    The future of US Syria policy

    17 February 2017. 

    Despite campaign rhetoric suggesting bold changes to US Syria policy, President Trump has few realistic military or political options for major departures from Obama's policy. US policy will probably change only at the margins.

  • Strategic Comments

    Trump and the US intelligence community

    25 January 2017. 

    President Trump has publicly denigrated the value of the United States' intelligence community (IC), imperilling the morale and retention of intelligence officers. Unless he establishes a better working relationship with the IC, the White House not only risks hollowing out the IC but could also wind up politicising the intelligence process and misusing intelligence products.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Trump's truths

    25 January 2017.  President Trump used his first few days in office to double down on disproven statements and declare war on the media. Mark Fitzpatrick argues that if this is the beginning of a tenure of untruths, responsible and fair criticism from the press is needed more than ever.

  • Events

    US–Israel Relations in the Age of Trump

    25 November 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Jonathan Rynhold, Professor at Bar-Ilan University; Senior Researcher at the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies
    Dr Dana H. Allin, Editor of Survival; Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 25 November 2016, 12.30–1.30PM BST

  • Events

    US elections 2016: the day after

    09 November 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Dana H. Allin, Editor of Survival; Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs, IISS
    Dr Matthew Harries, Managing Editor of Survival; Research Fellow for Transatlantic Affairs, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 9 November 2016, 6.30–7.30PM GMT

  • Strategic Comments

    The evolution of US–Israel relations

    26 October 2016. 

    The main source of change in Israel's current interests and objectives is its evolving relationship with the United States. During the eight years of the Obama administration, the two countries have clashed on a range of strategic issues, including the Iran nuclear deal and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The approach of Obama's probable successor – Hillary Clinton – is likely to involve more continuity than departure from his policies.

  • Events

    Trump, Clinton and the Vatican

    18 October 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Massimo Franco, Political Columnist, Corriere della Sera
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 18 October 2016, 12.30–1.30PM BST

  • Strategic Comments

    The United States’ Syria quandary

    12 October 2016. 

    Following the collapse of the latest ceasefire, the Obama administration faces increasing pressure from interventionists for more robust military action against the Assad regime. But the United States' military options are problematic. The administration's Syria policy will probably not change substantially before he leaves office in January, though Hillary Clinton – his likely successor – has indicated that she would lean farther forward, in particular by imposing no-fly zones.

  • Events

    The legacy of President Obama's nuclear security and non-proliferation agenda

    12 October 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Lieutenant General (Retd) Frank G. Klotz, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security, US Department of Energy
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 12 October 2016, 12.30–1.30PM BST

  • Events

    Our Separate Ways: The Struggle for the Future of the US-Israel Alliance

    10 October 2016. 

    Book Launch
    Dana H. Allin, Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs, IISS
    Steven N. Simon, Former Senior Director for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs, National Security Council
    Bloomsbury House, London
    Monday 10 October 2016, 6–7PM BST

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