US Foreign Policy & Transatlantic Affairs

US Foreign Policy & Transatlantic Affairs

Exploring how economic worries about military overstretch are altering the United States' global posture, asking whether a more consolidated US posture might be effected, and analysing the implications for US allies and rivals.

'One thing that has truly remained constant…[is] the enormous contribution that the IISS makes to the global public policy debate.'

J Steinberg, former US Deputy Secretary of State


Forward? Barack Obama's Second Term

IISS senior staff members Dana Allin and Mark Fitzpatrick discuss the role that relations with Republicans in Congress – and with Iran – will play during US President Barack Obama’s second administration.


Weary Policeman: American Power in an Age of Austerity

Dana Allin and Erik Jones discuss the myriad challenges that America faces if it wishes to maintain its role as the world's policeman, when it faces such difficult economic challenges at home and when the rest of the world is less inclined to cooperate with it.

The Myths of October

Fifty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, lessons are still being learned, old myths still persist, and new evidence is emerging.

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