Transnational Threats and Political Risk

Transnational Threats and Political Risk

This programme's broad range of research reflects the ever-changing nature of asymmetric threats and transnational security risks. Its four main strands are: cyber security and cyber warfare; organised crime; terrorism and counter-terrorism; intelligence and security.

'I would like to point to and applaud the work done by the IISS in analysing terrorism.'

Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of West Germany

Rethinking the war on drugs

Modernising drug law enforcement

A new project led by the International Drug Policy Consortium, with the participation of the International Security Research Department at Chatham House and the IISS, will promote debate on possible new approaches to drug law enforcement.


Chinese Intelligence in the Cyber Age

Foreign intelligence collection was not a major feature of China's intelligence culture until fairly recently. Now cyber-espionage has led to a step-change in capabilities.

Armed Conflict Database (ACD)

An authoritative source of data and independent analysis on conflicts across the globe.

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