Transnational Threats and Political Risk

Transnational Threats and Political Risk

This programme's broad range of research reflects the ever-changing nature of asymmetric threats and transnational security risks. Its four main strands are: cyber security and cyber warfare; organised crime; terrorism and counter-terrorism; intelligence and security.

Expert: Nigel Inkster

Niger Inkster 2

Director of Transnational Threats and Political Risk

New Publication

Armed Conflict Survey

War in Ukraine, years of civil conflict in Syria and ISIS over-running Iraqi cities – all seem to signal a new, more dangerous phase of history. The new IISS Armed Conflict Survey provides a reference guide to the state of the world, with statistics and details on more than 40 of the world’s major conflicts – from Afghanistan to Yemen – plus essays on hybrid war, global jihad and much more.

China's Cyber Policy

A Revolution in Military Affairs with Chinese Characteristics

A key facet of China’s military modernisation has been its efforts to digitise its armed forces and to develop capabilities for information warfare in which cyber activities would be used to degrade an opponent’s will and capacity to fight. In this fourth in a series of fourth in a series of five lectures on China’s cyber policies and capabilities, Nigel Inkster looks at the evolution of China’s military cyber capabilities and doctrines.

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armed conflict database

Armed Conflict Database

A regularly updated IISS online resource providing detailed information on more than 70 conflicts worldwide.