Russia and Eurasia

Russia and Eurasia

The IISS Russia and Eurasia programme focuses on the politics, political economy, and international relations of Russia and the other states of post-Soviet Eurasia.

IISS-US Discussion Meeting

International Diplomacy and the Ukraine Crisis

To date, international diplomatic efforts to address the Ukraine crisis – the most severe threat to European security since the Cold War – have been episodic and largely unsuccessful. Three experienced negotiators from Russia, the US and the EU consider the way forward.

IISS-Fullerton Lectue

The Ukrainian crisis: a test for Europe

‘The Ukraine crisis is about European values and therefore about Europe,’ Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said in the latest IISS Fullerton Lecture. ‘Willing or not’ Europe cannot ignore the fact that it ‘stands at the core of this conflict’, he urged.

Ukraine Crisis

Access commentary, infographics and video from the IISS on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.