Russia and Eurasia

Russia and Eurasia

The IISS Russia and Eurasia programme focuses on the politics, political economy, and international relations of Russia and the other states of post-Soviet Eurasia.

'We highly value the Shangri-la Dialogue as a useful platform for regular exchange of views on topical security issues'

Igor Morgulov, Deputy Foreign Minister, Russia

Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine crisis and the search for a new normal

The ugly truth is that Russia, having annexed Crimea, can undermine any plan for Ukraine’s future if it chooses. But, Samuel Charap argues, collective action to address global challenges may well be the most significant victim of this crisis.


Russia, Syria and the Doctrine of Intervention

Despite some hopes that it might play a constructive diplomatic role, Russia was never going to be part of the solution to the Syrian crisis – at least not on terms that the West and the Syrian opposition could accept.

Ukraine Crisis

Access commentary, infographics and video from the IISS on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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