National Congress of Brazil

Latin America

The programme will analyse the more prominent global role played by rising powers such as Brazil, and will look at the increasing interest of outside powers, such as China and India, in Latin American affairs.

'The IISS provides a detailed and dispassionate analysis.'

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil on the Adelphi book, Drugs, Insecurity and Failed States.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

Colombia: Ending the Forever War

Negotiations have recently begun to end the world’s longest-running civil war, but while the prospects for peace are better than ever before, significant obstacles remain.

Strategic Dossiers

The FARC Files

A sensation on its release, this dossier detailed the political and criminal links of Colombia's infamous insurgents, based on a detailed two-year study of the computer disks of leading guerrilla Raul Reyes. The disks were captured in the 2008 raid in which Reyes was killed.

Another small step forward in El Salvador

An agreement has been struck with El Salvador’s maras, or violent street gangs, to create safe havens in ‘sanctuary cities’. What does it prove?

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