Middle East and the Gulf

Middle East and the Gulf

With a local office, the IISS has long been involved in the Middle East, attracting leading global policy-makers to its summits on regional security. IISS-Middle East works closely with other offices on research into Iran's nuclear programme, the Arab Spring and other topics.

'The most important regional security conference in the Middle East.'

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on the IISS Regional Security Summit, the Manama Dialogue


Iraq: From War to a New Authoritarianism

Nuri al-Maliki's dominance of the security forces gives him control. However, his attempts to centralise power in his own hands and marginalise his rivals could destabilise Iraqi politics or reignite civil war, writes Dr Toby Dodge.


Syria dominates Manama Dialogue 2012

A special debate on the Syrian conflict was among the highlights of the 8th IISS Regional Security Summit (or Manama Dialogue 2012). Opening the event, Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain discussed the challenges of the Arab Spring, especially in his country.

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