Geo-economics and Strategy

Geo-economics and Strategy

With many Western economies in crisis and developing nations ascendant, is a new world order emerging? This programme - run from the IISS Middle East office, but with a bureau in Delhi - studies how financial shifts affect the global distribution of power.

'I applaud the IISS for building what has become a truly global think tank for an obviously globalised world.'

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman

The Changing Balance of Power in the Multilateral Trading System

Geo-economics and Strategy Conference: Trade and Flag

The future of the multilateral trading system and the challenge posed by regional trading blocs was the focus of the latest Geo-economics and Strategy Conference. Pascal Lamy and Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi, former Directors-General of the WTO, were joined by renowned trade policy specialists and trade ministers from the GCC and other Asian countries.


The Geo-economics of Resources and Conflict in Africa

Seven of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies over the past decade have been in Africa, meaning the continent is increasingly viewed as one of opportunity. This IISS conference explored how new African geo-economic relationships will develop and how they will shape the global balance of power.

Egypt's economic crisis challenges El-Sisi

President Sisi has taken charge of an Egyptian economy severely weakened by political chaos. Given Egypt's future needs it will be imperative to cast the financing net as wide as possible.

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