Geo-economics and Strategy

Geo-economics and Strategy

With many Western economies in crisis and developing nations ascendant, is a new world order emerging? This programme - run from the IISS Middle East office, but with a bureau in Delhi - studies how financial shifts affect the global distribution of power.

Regional Security and Business Opportunity

IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015

The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 will bring together economic policymakers, business leaders, diplomats and experts in the field of geo-economics from around the world. Key speakers will include Kátia Abreu, Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture, UAE Minister of State Reem Al Hashemi, and Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry of India.

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Strategic comments

China’s currency: faster steps towards global use

The arrival of the renminbi as a global reserve currency seems inevitable, underlining China’s position as a global economic power.