About the Defence and Military Analysis Programme

The IISS Defence and Military Analysis Programme (DMAP) analyses global defence and security affairs. Focus areas include national military and security policies and capabilities; reform and modernisation of armed forces; the impact of new technologies; defence spending and procurement; the effects of austerity and rising spending on defence policy and acquisition; trends in equipment design and utility; and the defence-industrial base. 

DMAP’s major print and online output remains the IISS flagship publication The Military Balance. Published since 1959, it is regarded as the global benchmark in the assessment of national military capabilities and defence economics.

The programme is active in developing and maintaining links with international defence ministries, military and security forces, defence industries, as well as members of the expert community. These links, coupled with the strong analytical capacities of its in-house team of analysts, enable it to not only maintain the high credibility of its information, but also host a series of key public and private events (in the form of lectures, seminars and roundtable briefings) analysing global defence issues. 

DMAP staff have developed significant research interests and activities. These include: 

• Unmanned aerial systems;
• Hypersonic cruise missiles and the future of the Missile Technology Control Regime;
• Developments in counter-IED doctrine and technology; 
• British army reorganisation and UK defence reform; 
• African armed forces and regional and continental security institutions in Africa; 
• Chinese and East Asian maritime developments, and submarine proliferation in the Asia-Pacific; 
• Military policy and capability in the High North (as part of the Institute’s Arctic research programme); 
• Competing claims in the South China Sea (analysed in the Adelphi book Regional Disorder: The South China Sea Disputes). 

As well as its renowned military policy and capability analysis, as published in The Military Balance, DMAP has maintained its innovative work on European security. In 2008, this led to the publication of the IISS Strategic Dossier Calculating European Military Capabilities: Building Armed Forces for Modern Operations. The Institute has also convened a series of workshops to analyse NATO’s ‘smart defence’ initiative examining NATO states’ defence requirements, policies and capabilities in the context of financial austerity.

DMAP maintains close ties with other IISS research programmes, notably those examining Arctic, Asian and transatlantic security, non-proliferation and disarmament, and transnational threats and political risk.

DMAP staff welcome enquiries to discuss existing and develop prospective research. They are also keen to engage with defence and security professionals and welcome enquiries from the media and those seeking to utilise the Institute’s military data.