Defence and Military Analysis

Defence and Military Analysis

As military concepts and technologies adjust to changing security threats, this IISS research programme is on top of the latest in global strategy, capabilities and expenditure


The Military Balance 2016: Press Launch

The IISS launched The Military Balance 2016 on Tuesday 9 February 2016. IISS Director-General and CEO Dr John Chipman introduced the book, followed by a Q&A with experts from the IISS Defence and Military Analysis Programme.

  • Expert Commentary

    Polish Quarterly of International Affairs: NATO’s Strategic Adaptation, the Warsaw Summit and Beyond

    26 May 2016.  By Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis NATO’s strategic adaptation has only just begun. The Alliance’s 2014 summit in Wales initiated the process and defined the short-term goals to reassure allies against the context of a shifting and deteriorating security environment. The 2016 Warsaw summit will rightly celebrate what has been achieved since Wales. Strategic significance, however, will be achieved only if NATO’s heads of state and government use...

  • Expert Commentary

    Defense News: Global Defense Spending Trends

    23 March 2016.  Interview with Giri Rajendran, Research Associate for Defence and Economics Giri Rajendran, an economist with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, discusses the recently released Military Balance 2016 and global defense spending trends worldwide, in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and China. Watch the full interview at Defense News

  • Military Balance Blog

    Nick Childs: The US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship - Less is more

    22 March 2016.  By Nick Childs, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security For most of 2015, the number of Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs) commissioned in the United States Navy remained at four. Two more were commissioned late in the year and more are due to be commissioned during 2016. But just as LCS production and delivery finally starts to gain momentum, the future for this controversial programme seems even more clouded in...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Ben Barry: Conflict in Iraq and Syria

    02 March 2016.  Ben Barry, IISS Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, talks about the recent situation in Iraq and Syria, highlighting that in Iraq, according to the United States, Islamic State has lost a third of its territory in comparison with its high point of September 2014. It has been slow work, partly because of the need for the US to build up the conventional capabilities of the Iraqi security forces. In Syria...

  • Events

    The Military Balance 2016: US Launch

    01 March 2016. 

    IISS–Americas Book Launch
    Dr Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    James Hackett, Editor of The Military Balance and Senior Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Brigadier (Retd) Ben Berry, OBE, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, IISS
    Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, IISS
    Nick Childs, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security, IISS
    Giri Rajendran, Research Associate for Defence and Economics, IISS
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Tuesday 1 March 2016, 10-11am EST

  • Military Balance Blog

    Tom Waldwyn: China’s surface-to-air missiles in the South China Sea

    29 February 2016.  By Tom Waldwyn, Research Analyst for Defence and Military Analysis China’s construction activity on features it occupies in the South China Sea has in recent years attracted increasing scrutiny internationally. In a briefing to the United States Congress in late February 2016, Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr, commander of US Pacific Command, said that China is engaged in ’destabilizing militarization of the South China Sea’. Beijing’s activity there has so far...

  • Events

    The Military Balance 2016: Key Findings and Interactive Discussion

    23 February 2016. 

    James Hackett, Editor, The Military Balance; Senior Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Dr Bastian Giegerich, Director, Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Tuesday 23 February 2016, 3pm GMT

  • Military Balance Blog

    Joseph Dempsey: China's increasing inroads into the African defence market

    17 February 2016.  By Joseph Dempsey, Research Analyst, Military Balance Online The Military Balance 2016 features a colour graphic showing China’s continued inroads into the African defence market, based on observed military equipment now in African inventories. Currently, more than two-thirds of the countries on the continent operate equipment of Chinese origin, with at least ten new operators emerging within the last decade. In addition, the types of equipment now being imported are...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Tom Waldwyn: China’s new Type-052D destroyer

    17 February 2016.  Tying into a new equipment graphic in The Military Balance 2016, Tom Waldwyn, IISS Research Analyst for Defence and Military Analysis, talks about two key systems on China’s new Type-052D (Luyang III-class) destroyer, and the advantages conferred by them. The graphic analyses the ship’s key propulsion, missile launcher, radar and gun systems; displays deployed missile ranges; and provides comparisons with Japan’s Akizuki-class and India’s Kolkata-class destroyers. Watch the full launch on the IISS...

  • Military Balance Blog

    Giri Rajendran: NATO, Europe and the 2% of GDP target

    16 February 2016.  By Giri Rajendran, Research Associate for Defence and Economics Last week was a busy one for Europe’s defence policymaking and defence-industrial community, with NATO’s latest defence ministers’ meeting convening on 10–11 February and the annual Munich Security Conference on 12–14 February. Firmly on the agenda was the growing threat that both state and non-state actors pose to European security, as well as the level of resources on which armed forces in...