Research and Analysis

IISS research, from the leading authority on global security, is designed to advance the understanding of defence, nuclear, conflict, terrorism and other crucial twenty-first century issues

Future Conflict and Cyber Security Programme

Evolution of the Cyber Domain

Cyber security has become a focal point for conflicting domestic and international interests, and increasingly for the projection of state power. This Dossier charts and contextualises the key developments and trends that have shaped the cyber domain since the 1950s.

Security and Development

This programme considers how armed violence affects large urban centres in less-developed countries and limits their ability to meet development goals.

Russia and Eurasia

The IISS Russia and Eurasia programme focuses on the politics, political economy, and international relations of Russia and the other states of post-Soviet Eurasia.

Defence and Military Analysis

The IISS Defence and Military Analysis Programme (DMAP) examines trends in strategies, capabilities and defence expenditure.

Geo-economics and Strategy

The Geo-economics and Strategy programme is devoted to analysis of the interplay between economics and geopolitics at the global level.

Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme

EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference 2015

Helga Schmid, the Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS, reflected on the the EU's role in the deal on Iran’s nuclear programme in her Keynote Address to the 4th EU Non-Proliferation & Disarmament Conference. More than 300 experts gathered in Brussels on 11-12 November to discuss the spread of nuclear and other dangerous weapons.