• The Military Balance

    Chapter 1, Part 1: Directed energy weapons: finally coming of age?

    02 December 2015.  Laser weapons
    US naval laser research
    Other defence-related laser research
    Radio-frequency weapons
    Challenges to and ramifications of RF weapon use

  • Adelphi Books

    Power Shifts and New Blocs in the Global Trading System

    10 March 2015.  As economic powers from the developing world, particularly China, have emerged in the past few decades, their weight has altered the balance in the global trading system. In this volume, leading commentators – including two former heads of the WTO – examine the possible consequences of this shifting trade landscape.

  • Events

    Upholding the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

    06 March 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Thomas Countryman
    US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-proliferation
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 6 March 2015, 12-1pm

  • Strategic Comments

    Iran nuclear talks approach conclusive deadline

    26 February 2015. 

    Iran and its interlocutors have until 24 March to reach an agreement on the country's nuclear programme. Failure to do so would not mean an end to diplomacy, but would add to pressure in Washington for new sanctions to be imposed, while also increasing Tehran's desire to pursue technological advances.

  • Expert Commentary

    Financial Times: Russia and China outgun the West in civil nuclear exports

    20 February 2015.  In a guest post on the Financial Times blog, IISS Research Analyst for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Matthew Cottee wrote that East–West nuclear rivalry has returned. Meanwhile, nuclear rivalry is shaping up in another arena: exports of civil nuclear technology represent a new battleground in which Russia – and increasingly China – are significantly outgunning the West. Read the full article at the Financial Times (subscription required) ...

  • Expert Commentary

    Prospect: The Republican Party vs Iran

    19 February 2015.  By Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme Since the United States Congress opened for business in January under the singular leadership of the Republican Party, its top foreign policy initiative is to put pressure on Iran over its nuclear programme. The logic is that since sanctions had forced Iran to the negotiating table, more sanctions would force Iran to give up the capability to become nuclear-armed. But economic pressure was...

  • Events

    Continuity and Change: The Nature of Future Armed Conflict

    19 February 2015. 

    IISS-US Policy Makers Series
    Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster
    Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center and Deputy Commanding General, Futures, US Army Training and Doctrine Command
    Chair: Dr. Eliot A. Cohen
    Robert E. Osgood Professor of Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS
    Council Member, International Institute for Strategic Studies
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Thursday February 19 2015, 10:30am-12pm EDT/3:30-5pm GMT

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 3: North America

    14 February 2015.  United States: Quadrennial Defense Review; The armed services; Defence economics; Base defence budget stabilises in 2014; Political manoeuvrings continue; DoD plans for statutory spending limits; OCO funding purpose redefined

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 1, Part II: Military space systems: US ambitions to secure space

    12 February 2015.  Classified efforts
    Ground-based support
    Responses to perceived vulnerabilities

  • Politics and Strategy

    Dana H. Allin: A US-Israeli Axis of Realism?

    06 February 2015.  When the alarm on my iPhone goes off, I usually prop my head up with an extra pillow and use the device to look at the morning’s New York Times headlines. (Whether that is a good way to start the day is another topic.) Last week, I am pretty sure, not a single morning went by without a lead story on the Times website about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s...

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