• The Military Balance

    Chapter 4: Europe

    09 February 2016.  Europe: NATO: towards the Warsaw Summit; Turkey takes action; EU: seeking to build a strategy; OSCE: looking to build on renewed relevance; New German defence white paper; Defence Economics; Macroeconomics; Defence spending; Procurement; Defence industry
    France: International deployments; Defence economics; Procurement and industry
    Poland: Defence policy; Alliance relationships; Military transformation; Force modernisation; Defence economics; Defence budget; Defence industry
    United Kingdom: Armed forces; Defence review: increasing military ambition; Personnel challenges; Defence economics; Defence-budget uplift; Uncertainty over the NATO 2% target

  • Survival

    Confronting Europe’s Single Market

    19 January 2016. 

    The European Union’s problems do not originate in money or migrants; they stem, ultimately, from the single market itself.

  • Survival

    Coming to Terms with Chinese Power

    19 January 2016.  Western policymakers must understand that there can never be a trouble-free relationship with China. Sooner or later, they will have to take a firm stand on issues of genuine concern.

  • Survival

    The Measure of Britain’s New Maritime Ambition

    19 January 2016. 

    The United Kingdom is shifting back to a defence strategy with maritime capabilities at its heart. But further investment will be required to fulfil, and sustain, this new ambition.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Matthew Harries: For Trident renewal, it’s goodbye ‘main gate’

    17 December 2015.  For what is in one sense a question of defence-acquisition esoterica, the United Kingdom’s debate over renewing its nuclear deterrent is peculiar, and peculiarly intense. It has a popular name – ‘Trident renewal’ – which is catchy, widely known and technically inaccurate. It has been subject to a White Paper, a parliamentary vote and two defence reviews, the scrutiny of a high-level NGO commission and a Cabinet Office review all...

  • IISS Voices

    Alexander Nicoll: Gray’s anatomy of defence-acquisition rules

    09 December 2015.  Sir Bernard Gray, former Chief of Defence Materiel for the UK, discusses the core rules when purchasing military kit

  • Events

    What Next for Defence Acquisition Reform?

    08 December 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Sir Bernard Gray, Chief of Defence Materiel, United Kingdom 
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 8 December 2015

  • Events

    Survival Seminar: Nuclear Weapons and the Scottish Independence Debate

    04 December 2015. 

    Survival Seminar
    Professor William Walker, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of St Andrews
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 4 December, 1.30pm-2.30pm

  • Military Balance Blog

    Henry Boyd: UK expands air operations against ISIS

    03 December 2015.  By Henry Boyd, Research Associate for Defence and Military Analysis On 2 December, the House of Commons voted to widen the scope of the United Kingdom’s combat operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). After the parliamentary vote, the first attacks on targets in Syria by manned UK aircraft – on ISIS oil installations – took place in the early hours of 3 December. The UK has previously...

  • Strategic Comments

    UK augments military and counter-terrorism capacities

    25 November 2015. 

    While it does not represent a substantial change in direction, Britain’s latest defence and security review offers a credible plan to improve, modernise and increase UK security and hard power. It maintains the UK as a significant defence power, and adds and protects future capabilities, including in areas that are needed to deal with modern threats such as terrorism and cyber attack.

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