• Events

    International Diplomacy and the Ukraine Crisis

    15 December 2014. 

    Discussion Meeting

    The Hon. Vladimir Lukin
    Former Russian Ambassador to the US;
    Special Envoy of the Russian President for the February 21st Negotiations on Ukraine

    The Hon. Richard Burt
    Managing Director, McLarty Associates;
    Former US Ambassador to Germany;
    Chief US Negotiator for the START Agreement

    Sir Michael Leigh
    Transatlantic Academy Fellow, German Marshall Fund;
    Former Director-General for Enlargement, European Commission

    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Monday, 15 December 2014, 9:30-10:30am EST/ 2:30-3:30pm GMT

  • Events

    The Ukrainian Crisis: A Test for Europe and the World

    09 December 2014. 

    IISS-Fullerton Lecture
    Petro Poroshenko
    President of Ukraine
    Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Tuesday 09 December 2014

  • Expert Commentary

    Samuel Charap & Jeremy Shapiro: The Ukraine Security Crisis and the Missing Post-Cold War Bargain

    08 December 2014.  By Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia, IISS, and Jeremy Shapiro, Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution The violence and tragedy in Ukraine dominate the headlines as Europe and its allies struggle for a response to Russia’s brazen behavior. Despite the shock of it all, Russia’s actions are less a paradigm shift than a dramatic sharpening of a 25-year-old strategic dilemma: how to build an inclusive European security...

  • Manama Voices

    Latest Survival Issue: The Global Shadow of Conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East

    05 December 2014.  By Matthew Harries, Managing Editor of Survival and Research Fellow at the IISS. The new issue of Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, for December 2014–January 2015, grapples with the geopolitical uncertainty and fluidity with which the 2014 Manama Dialogue will be coming to terms, in both regional and global senses. Three articles contemplate the woes spreading, one way or another, from Syria. Charles Lister catalogues the proponents and group dynamics of Syria’s jihad, including...

  • Survival

    Ukraine and the Art of Limited War

    01 December 2014.  Putin’s power play in Ukraine was impulsive and improvised, without any clear sense of the desired end state. After many months of effort, Russia has achieved limited gains, but at high cost.

  • Expert Commentary

    Foreign Policy: Why Ukraine must bargain for peace with Russia

    27 November 2014.  The 'let's make a deal' moment has arrived for Kiev and Moscow. But by pushing a hard-line agenda against Putin, the United States and Europe are only making things worse for Ukraine.  

  • Expert Commentary

    VoxUkraine: Catch-22

    24 November 2014.  Ukraine’s reform agenda and the conflict with Russia are interrelated. By putting them in separate intellectual silos, analysts and policy-makers will be blind to the Catch-22 that the new government faces.  

  • Strategic Comments

    Countering hybrid threats: challenges for the West

    21 November 2014. 

    The West's adversaries have increasingly sensed the advantages of mixing up tactics and gaining asymmetric advantages. Countering such 'hybrid' threats will require new, adjustable, cross-government, cross-Alliance responses.

  • Strategic Comments

    Ukraine conflict: risk of escalation remains

    07 November 2014. 

    The Ukraine conflict has been pushed into a new phase by elections in separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk. In spite of attempts to achieve a ceasefire, a renewal of hostilities is possible at any point in the coming months.

  • Expert Commentary

    Samuel Charap: Is a Stable Agreement Possible Between Russia and Ukraine?

    01 November 2014.  Lecture by Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia, IISS, at the Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine, Saturday 1 November 2014 Politics, principles, and conscience demand that Ukraine make no agreements with Russia. After the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea and incitement followed by direct intervention in the east, it would be unseemly at best and treasonous at worst for Kyiv to engage in any sort of deal-making with Moscow today –...

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