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    Kobane’s reprieve?

    23 October 2014.  For the first 20 days, coalition air-strikes in Syria failed to halt the advance by ISIS jihadists on the town of Kobane. But the operation did buy time for diplomacy and a shift in strategy to loosen the militants' grip

  • Politics and Strategy

    Charlotte Kennedy: Australia and the ISIS fight within

    17 October 2014.  Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, stands in front of a group of photographers at a Sydney beach. Middle-aged and Putin-esque, he wears nothing but a pair of red Speedos as he addresses the media. Abbott, elected in September 2013, is known both at home and abroad for his conservative 1950s brand of politics and a habit of holding press conferences post-workout and in lycra bicycle shorts. Upon entering office, he...

  • Expert Commentary

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: The very small Islamic State WMD threat

    16 October 2014.  By Dina Esfandiary, Research Associate, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme and Matthew Cottee, Research Analyst, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme Late last month British Home Secretary Theresa May, who is responsible for immigration and policing under Prime Minister David Cameron, alarmed many citizens when she warned that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could “acquire chemical, biological, or even nuclear weapons to attack us.” Joseph Cirincione, president of the global-security-focused Ploughshares Fund...

  • Politics and Strategy

    James P. Farwell: How ISIS uses social media

    02 October 2014.  In June, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) made a dramatic entrance onto the global stage, aiming to establish its religious authority across the planet under a caliphate led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The group’s principal tool for expanding its influence has been brute force, but as it has attempted to build credibility and establish legitimacy, it has shown a deftness for propaganda, using social media and cyber...

  • IISS Voices

    Hanna Ucko Neill: 2014: A year of living dangerously

    29 September 2014.  The UNHCR and other organisations say refugee numbers leapt in 2013. In the past three years, annual conflict-related fatalities have also doubled, according to ACD figures.

  • News

    2014: A year of living dangerously

    29 September 2014.  The UNHCR and other organisations say refugee numbers leapt in 2013. In the past three years, annual conflict-related fatalities have also doubled, according to ACD figures

  • Expert Commentary

    CNN: Complexities of Tackling ISIS in Syria

    25 September 2014.  CNN Connect the World interview with Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Regional Security, IISS-Middle East BECKY ANDERSON, HOST: three-and-a-half years and almost 200,000 deaths since the Syrian civil war began. The international community now responding in Syria with force, but not against Bashar al-Assad. The spread of ISIS in the north of the country has prompted the US and its allies into action, but they enter a situation a lot more complex...

  • IISS Voices

    Emile Hokayem: US intervention in Syria is far more complex than in Iraq

    23 September 2014.  By Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Middle East Security The US and its allies in the anti-ISIS coalition have begun striking ISIS and Khorasan (a Syria-based al-Qaeda franchise) in eastern and northern Syria. This air power campaign follows a wider one in Iraq last month and is aimed at disrupting the Islamic State’s considerable presence across these areas. After resisting intervention in Syria for years, the US has now been compelled...

  • GSR

    The Transformation of the Geopolitical and Geo-economic Order in the Middle East

    20 September 2014. 

    Global Strategic Review 2014 First Plenary Session 
    Dr Barham Salih, Former Prime Minister, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq 
    Professor Toby Dodge, Consulting Senior Fellow for the Middle East, IISS 
    Roula Khalaf Razzouk, Foreign Editor, Financial Times 

  • IISS Voices

    Strategic Survey: Al-Qaeda still poses greater global security threat than ISIS

    19 September 2014.  While ISIS poses a serious threat to regional security, Senior Fellow for Middle East Security Emile Hokayem says that al-Qaeda and its affiliates are likely ‘more potent in terms of global ambitions’. Acknowledging that early assessments of ISIS grossly underestimated its capability, he suggests that the group could yet be contained by political and military means.  

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