• Adelphi Books

    Chapter Five: Strategic stability and regional security

    05 December 2014.  The US has sought a dialogue on strategic stability with China since resuming military-to-military contacts in the mid-1990s.

  • Strategic Comments

    North Korea: growing threat despite charm offensive

    25 November 2014. 

    North Korea poses an array of security threats to its neighbours and the wider world, and these threats continue to grow. But for a short period this autumn, North Korea appeared to be making efforts on nearly every front to improve its image.

  • Events

    The Great Rapprochement? Strategic Relations in Asia

    06 November 2014. 

    IISS-US Lecture Series
    Christian Le Mière
    Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security, IISS
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Thursday 06 November 2014

  • Expert Commentary

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Potential Flashpoints and Military CBMs in the Asia-Pacific

    30 October 2014.  Presentation by Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, IISS, at the Seoul Defense Dialogue, Seoul, October 2014. Compared to the intensity of conflict over the long sweep of history, we live in a peaceful age. Notwithstanding the organised violence in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, the ill-disguised hostilities in Ukraine and the civil strife elsewhere in the world that comes to our attention daily, courtesy of intrepid journalists and our global connectivity, both...

  • Events

    IISS Workshop - Regional Reactions to Chinese Nuclear Posture

    27 October 2014. 

    IISS Workshop
    Seoul, South Korea
    27 October 2014

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Viewing North Korea vicariously

    22 October 2014.  Despite having followed North Korea off and on for my entire career, I am often reminded of how much I do not know. My conference travel schedule to exotic places took me last week to Preston, in northern England, to attend a scholarly workshop on Korean security. It was the coming-out party, so to speak, for the new International Institute of Korean Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, and...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Who is first in North Korea, and what’s this about ‘no first use’?

    13 October 2014.  The wait for Kim Jong-un is on day 40. It’s been that long now since his last public appearance on 3 September, watching a concert with his wife and senior officials. As in the biblical sense, 40 days and 40 nights is a long time. The official line of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), as reported by state television in late September, is that the 31-year-old leader is...

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 12: Asia-Pacific

    12 September 2014. 

    China: Xi Jinping in the Ascendant
    Japan: Abe’s Radical Agenda
    Korean Peninsula: Impervious North
    Southeast Asia: Major-Power Competition and Domestic Political Flux
    Australia: Abbott’s Regional Forays

  • EU Non Proliferation and Disarmament Conference

    Proliferation Challenges in Northeast Asia and South Asia

    04 September 2014. 

    EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference 2014 Special Session 8
    Chair: Giorgio Franceschini, Research Associate, PRIF/HSFK
    Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Assistant Professor, Norwegian Defence University College
    Changsu Kim, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses
    Hirofumi Tosaki, Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Promotion of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Japan Institute of International Affairs

  • Expert Commentary

    Joint US-Korea Academic Studies: What to Do about North Korea

    29 August 2014.  By Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme  North Korea is the world’s most troublesome country, brutal at home and a bully abroad. In 2013 it became even more dangerous, both to its neighbors and to its own people. Most worrisome are the nuclear weapons that Pyongyang sees as vital for the preservation of the regime. Although North Korea seems intent on never trading them away for economic or political benefits...

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